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wikipediaWikipedia is the name of an internet encyclopaedia  It is supported by a non-profit organization called ‘Wikimedia’. The following points will help you understand Wikipedia :

Meaning of the term :

A cyberspace where the users of the website can edit, add, or delete content is called wiki. It is a Greek word meaning ‘quick’, exactly what it aims to achieve which is quick sharing of knowledge.

Importance :

An absence of Wikipedia is enhanced when you need to translate your searched information in the preferred language and the translated information sometimes misses the essence of the writing, here it comes handy. The comprehension of the knowledge and its application worldwide helps us connect to users more comfortably.

Operational Process :

The process of data on the web goes through a screening of few rules and laws which are in line with the U. S. Laws and copyright laws. However majority servers are located in Florida hence the translation of rules for various languages happens at the server stations.

Content policies : The website follows the neutral point of view policy. The content topic has to be encyclopaedic and based on further deliberation of knowledge from secondary sources.

Dispute resolution : Other editors discuss the work on a page if new work has been disputed. Instances of anti – social behaviour or impersonation is directly warned from issuing any further article.

Privacy : The identity of the editor is maintained on cyber space but in case of reflection or cross-examination of same data presented happens through the identity revealed when initially issuing date.

Community : Is not a closed group but experienced editors are preferred and new users have to win the confidence of readers on their representation of data.

Benefits :

The data on Wikipedia is collaboratively edited by millions of users across the world. This further helps in the authentication of the data because a single source does not verify the data but other users across the world have the power to edit and make the data more authentic. The description on any topic is systematically serialized and helps the reader to understand about all the aspects concerning the topic searched for. It promotes efficiency when it can be read in your language as Wikipedia is multilingual with 286 languages.

In 2005, Nature (Journal) proved the accuracy and quality of data with a par to Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Why select Wikipedia :

Time is a very crucial asset and reliability of information is what we all need. All search engines open links to help you further read on the topic whereas Wikipedia open the page where a small paragraph will explain the topic to you which if further followed by the systematic content encompassing all information relevant to the topic searched for is explained in detail along with references. It helps the reader develop a perspective and also gives you space to contribute.

Contact Us :

In order to go to Wikipedia you can type it in Google and their home page will open. Then you can select the language preferred and carry on with your search on the particular topic. Otherwise you can directly click on the url: .

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