Website Creation – The simpler you make the better it is!

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With technology rolling in on full speed, no matter what area of activity you are in, having a website is inevitable. Whether you are running an offline business or an online store, a website is a must have for sharing all kind of information with maximum people possible.

Don’t you first of all look for a website before buying products or services from any merchant? It’s not just you, but every least literate person does that these days. This implies that existence of a website has become necessity these days.

There is no rocket science behind creation of a website. Rather the complete process of making a website has become a lot easier with the help of numerous online platforms. You don’t have to be a proficient developer or designer to create a website and you don’t even need any kind of extraordinary tools for it.

I have simplified it even more for all of you wanting to be a part of this online world. Here is your simple guide to easy website creation:

Choose a domain name and hosting

Domain name is a reflection of your website’s identity! Most of the times, people read the domain name, form an idea of what the website is going to be about and decide to check it or leave. Draft a catchy domain name around your area of activity with as much innovation possible. You have to pay a yearly fee for a domain name and you can get it from many platforms like, etc.  You need hosting to get your website some space on internet where people can come and access it. Many online platforms offer web hosting services, but choose the one that is most economical and gives you maximum benefits.

Design your website

Next step is designing your website. You can hire professionals for too but there are many online platforms where you can create your website on your own. Here is an insight into how you can do it.

First choose a theme for your website in sync with the concept of your website. Think of how you want stuff to appear on web so that people can.

Decide the flow of your website. Like every other website, your visitors will come on the landing page first. You have to decide where you want to take them from there. Plan it before, how you want people to interact with your website. This will help you design navigation buttons easily at the time of designing your website.

Create your website

After you are done planning with your website, creating it will become your next task. You can do it yourself on WordPress, Dreamweaver etc. These platforms are easiest way to create a website where you can just drag and drop to create a website. If you have been thinking that you don’t need HTML at all, then you are at fault. Although you don’t have to be very sound with HTML but there is a bit if it that you need to know to create a design that is not irritating for the eyes.

Inspect elements 

Create your Website


After you have created your website, you have to do some testing. Use platforms which provide you the option of offline testing. Check for all the broken links, missing tags flaws in the design and search engine optimisation. These factors are very important for overall functioning of your website.

Website testing

Testing the functionality of your website is very important for effective user experience. Check the appropriate functioning of all the forms on your website. Use all the update options and check for any errors. Also ensure that all the back links take to appropriate places. While testing your website ensure easy navigation everywhere. Take down all the links where navigation was a tedious task and change them accordingly.

Post your website

Once your website is tested and tried, you can post it. The web host you had opted for will give you space to go live and start interaction. Once you have posted, keep a check on the activity on your website and ensure life in your online existence. Keep posting regular updates and respond in time to queries on your website.

So these are some simple ways to create website for business. Keep your design as simple as possible. Simplicity is the key and research has also revealed that websites that have easy navigation and simple designs are high on traffic. The design should be smooth and pleasing to eyes.

Create a design that works as feast for eyes!

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