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stumble upon1. What is the meaning of the term

The Stumble Upon originally was an extension for the Firefox browser . This application creates a bar at the top of your browser, with controls.

The StumbleUpon combines the best qualities of a good program Web: easy to use, is light and is very functional for users. Regardless of your preferences, in this application you the answer to many of your boating needs.

You only need to enter to download the program, for more information on installation and use, among other things.

This bar has many functions, but the most important and that is the deployment StumbleUpon him pressing the button called “Stumble“.

After setting up your profile, the Stumble button! refers you to a page about a topic you have chosen in your preferences. It can run on a general or specific. At first only a matter of pressing the button. In the second, you choose within your list preferences, a specific topic and StumbleUpon is dedicated to show only sites when you drive it.

This function Stumble! is the idea of ​​a million for creators because together two very important qualities for effectiveness in the deployment of sites required.

2. What is the importance of the term or technique in Internet business

On the one hand, the social part where all users receive sites and qualify. In this way, you, along with everyone else, have an active role in the conjunction of the system because approve means the site has potential for users like you and disprove it, is watching it relegated to leave the system in case not good.

The end result is a very satisfying experience for users as they find what they want with the touch of a button and feel part of a system and a community.

In the end, you will see sites recommended by friends or people with similar tastes and ideas to theirs, so it’s almost inevitable you see sites to your liking.

Another important advantage of this system is that you can set up your own page. By registering, you are automatically assigned a site that begins with your user name and ends with the common name of the page.

3. The process

In this space allocated can do several things like publish their tastes in music, film, literature and television, as well as fill your entire profile that includes where you live, your age, languages ​​and even his picture dominates. Thus, it makes it easy to meet users who may have a possible affinity with you.

It also works as a kind of blog where your comments on the sites you have visited through StumbleUpon appear. It also has the ability to include images that you have found on the net and you have liked to publish on your site.

4. What are the benefits

The Internet has undergone major transformations few years to date and it seems to follow the same trend. This change has been called Web 2.0, which is another name for the new form of  Web pages and applications.

One of the pillars that define this trend is the social significance that has. Previously, the layout of the pages did not consider the preferences of the user, and its function was dictated only by computers originated programs.

Sense Community

StumbleUpon is beyond setting up a system based on user preference and allows these interact in many ways within the.

When deploying a site not only have the option to qualify negatively or positively. It also has the ability to comment and read other users.

So, you have a better idea of ​​the site complete and can even enrich the browsing experience of it.

5. why select us

Besides this, StumbleUpon lets join discussion groups on various topics in which you can meet users who share your preferences with respect to tastes, hobbies, nationality, beliefs, etc..

The children have an e-learning facility that can be used to supplement their knowledge in areas such as geography, history, drawing, and fine art, as long as you supervise them directly.

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