SSL Web Server Certificates

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SSL Web Server CertificatesSSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer; it is the standard security technology that is used in the process of establishing a link that is encrypted between a browser and a web server. SSL is a leading industry standard which is used by millions of websites to protect their data; it is quite popular with websites that undertake online transactions. But SSL Web server certificates can be issued to any website that makes an application; qualifies and pays the requisite fee.

To create an SSL connection the web server in question will need to a have an SSL certificate, when an administrator or owner of a website decides to activate SSL on the web server, there are several standard questions regarding the website identity and its ownership. The web server will then create two keys that are cryptographic, namely; a public key and a private key.

The public key is as the name suggests is not secret and is stored in a data file called Certificate Signing Request (CSR). When prospective clients make applications for SSL Web Server Certificates they must submit the CSR that the validation authority will use to issue a web server certificate that allows the server to use the SSL. The web server will then match the issued web server certificate with your private key. The web server can then establish an encrypted link between a customer’s web browser and your web server.

SSL web server certificates will usually contain the domain name of the server, company name, country, city, address, and state. It will also contain details about the issuing company, the expiry date of the certificate and the date of issuance of the certificate.

When any browser connects to a site that is secured, it will retrieve those particular sites SSL website certificate, check if it has been issued from a trustworthy issuance authority, confirm that the web site using the certificate is the correct one and finally ensure that the certificate has not expired. This is usually very fast and quick; the web visitor will barely notice as it happens in milliseconds.

The complexities inherent with encryption are usually kept invisible to clients or website visitors. The browser usually provides web users with an icon of a key on the right hand corner; to assure them that they are protected by an SSL encrypted session.

Websites that have SSL web server certificates are generally more secure and trusted by other websites and servers, client details are also secured with the encryption provided. Furthermore there are numerous security updates and patches that are made online, seamlessly and without interrupting the functions of the website. The fees paid are not very high and can be paid either on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually.

We are a trusted and reliable issuing authority with numerous years of experience and have issued thousands of certificates to well known and very reputable websites in the world. Our prices are fair and we have a team of highly qualified personnel who will attend to your queries on a 24 hour basis. Feel free to contact us using the following numbers and Email address.

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