SSL Certificates

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SSL certificatesSSL certificates or Secure Sockets Layer certificates are used for safeguarding secure information from being hacked online. Nowadays, most of the Web hosting companies provide SSL certificates and 128 bit encryption to keep secure the valuable information of their clients. SSL certificate is a type of cryptographic protocol that uses asymmetric cryptography for authenticating information exchange over the Internet. Like transport layer security protocols, SSL Certificates use application layer of network communication to authenticate user information.

Till now, three versions of this security program have been evolved e.g. SSL 1.0, SSL 2.0, and SSL 3.0. It was developed by Netscape, but version 1.0 of SSL was never released in public. However, version 2.0 of SSL was released in 1995. The version 2.0 had lots of problems, and the new version 3.0 was introduced later on after improving flaws of version 2.0. The SSL version 3 was completely designed by Paul Kocher. As per record, around 99.8 % Websites of the world use SSL version 3.0 for securing secret information of Websites.

Importance of SSL Certificates

There are various benefits of installing Secure Sockets Layer certificates, but hiding the valuable information from being public is one of the greatest advantages of this security system. Nowadays, most of the things are online; therefore there are abundance of chances that information could be leaked to people. However, once the Secure Sockets Layer certificates are installed correctly, your Websites are safe from being hacked by mischievous people.

How SSL Certificate works

This security software applies TCP/IP protocols to scan the information that is being exchanged. Additionally, it makes new files that are needed to be kept secret. Once, it is found by the software that an unknown system is trying to gain access to secure files; it blocks access from network layer of the OSI Model.

How it is better than other security systems

Because Secure Sockets Layer security system is an advanced security system that is invented after lots of researches on the Internet technologies, it has outdated many previous security software programs. Because, this software uses network layer of OSI model, it makes the online transactions more secure and safe. Also, it starts its applications from the fifth layer of the OSI model, and all the applications of this system end at sixth layer. All these security features make it one of the most secure software programs for online transactions.

Why should we choose this security system?

If you use Internet frequently for doing online banking transactions, then definitely you must use Secure Sockets Layer certificates. Additionally, nowadays, 128 bit encryption are being merged with SSL certificates to make it more and more powerful.

Is it alone a nice security program?

It is very tough to say, but if SSL 3.0 is merged with new security programs then definitely, it would work like charm. Additionally, some flaws of SSL 3.0 should be rechecked and improved accordingly to meet the challenges of new technological inventions. Everyday number of people who use Internet is increasing; therefore it is must to make our Internet security system very strong to overcome security issues. Hope it helps your queries.

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