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social media optimizationWith the evolution of social media , the concept of marketing is dynamically changing . Both small , medium sized and big companies must know how to carry out an effective social media campaign. Social media optimization is a concept whose main aim is to optimize your site for it to appear on social media searches ,make it easy to be linked to and also promote visibility among search engines .Thanks to Mr Bhargava the founder.

For you to succeed in social media optimization you have to share great content . People love to read what they have never heard of there before. Always come up with very innovative stuff that will impress your target market all the time . Social media is all about engaging those who follow you . It is a place to share content , knowledge and ideas . This will put confidence and put you on top and easy to be found among search engines.

It includes adding RSS feed , bookmarking and sharing various buttons. Blogging is also a tool that is used.The other good feature is that you have the option of enhancing your website with third party functionality for instance Flickr or you tube videos . This will also help in giving your business more exposure .

What are the advantages of social media optimization ?

Increases linkability . It will highly help your site to be linkable . Linkability will promote traffic hence generation of revenue .Its advisable to put a blog that must be regularly updated with relevant information . This will see more people come for more and even subscribe RSS feeds . It also makes tagging and bookmarking super easy .

Add quick buttons and a list of recommended tags coupled with regular tagging of your pages on popular bookmarking sites .The other advantage is travelling of content. By submitting content to other sites, your site will be promoted by getting back links. Lastly ,it encourages mash up . By maintaining online presence , you have to allow various people to use your content especially the one that they subscribe to for instance the RSS feeds . The will then promote you .

The fact is that social media optimization is powerful in building good relationship and long lasting trust. Always provide relevant content to make people come back for more and you will succeed

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