Sure Shot Lead Conversion Tips !

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What is the reason that your online leads are not getting converted into sales???

How can you ensure higher conversion rates???

What can you do to make sure that maximum leads get converted into sales???

If these are some of the questions that have been haunting you over quite some time, then i hope once you finish this article you are going to have answers to all of the questions mentioned above.

Not wasting too much of time, let us begin our voyage to this journey that will give you some sure shot tips so that you get better sales –

1.  Get to know your leads better – do you think you know your customer? Think again! The biggest reason why businesses fail to get higher conversion rates is that they fail to understand their target audience’s behavior. Employ CDM (Central Demographic Model) and CPM (Central Psychographic Model) as a part of your lead conversion program and see how it works wonders.


online leads conversion


If you are thinking what is this CDM and CPM, then the answer is that under CDM you collect demographic data i.e. data about physical attributes like location, income, lifestyle, occupation, and buying habits, to name a few.  While, under CPM you collect data about customer’s buying behavior, preference of choices and similar other factors that impact his buying tendencies.

2.  Not every click is going to buy – Do you also believe in the misconception that every person who clicks through your sent marketing emails or fills out the form is going to give you some business? Trust me, not every click is going to buy.


Send marketing emails


However, you understanding your customers can convert a non prospect into a prospect. You can achieve this by simply treat each lead individually. Categorize them on the basis of their behavior. For instance develop separate content marketing strategies for people who are ready to spend time in reading about your product, while for those who are the impatient types develop some graphic presentation, video or even a webinar.

3.  Offer lucrative perks to the visitors – who does not like getting free perks?


Gifts with Email marketing


Although, this might sound a bit cliché to you, but down the line if you have a look at the success rate of this idea then you would realize that it is one of the most tried and tested methods of lead conversion. You can take example of numerous successful blogs which offer free e-books to every visitor on exchange of their contact information (email and contact number) to increase their contact list. So, why not use this tried and tested method to capture leads, and forward them for follow up from the sales team?

4.  Follow up is the most important part


Regular follow up


So, you have collected the leads and formed a list. What next? Is collecting the list simply going to get business? Definitely not. Following up those leads in the most efficient manner is the next step. Where most marketers go wrong is that they do not give following up its due importance. If you do not want to be a part of that list of marketers mentioned above, then you need to make sure that you have a follow up strategy for every visitor. Categorize your customer base on the type of their behavior and history. And, follow them up on the basis of that data. A great example of this can be taken from websites like Amazon, where you get recommendations on the basis of your past purchases.

5.  Understanding the secret behind successful lead conversion – last, but definitely not the least tip for you is that understanding successful lead conversion is no rocket science. All you need to keep on the back of mind is know what works for your business. Because, what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa.


lead generation tips


Therefore, analyze history of customer behaviour and try to understand what lead to successful conversions in the past. By incorporating that information gathered from there into your marketing model, you can definitely create a ‘Win!! Win!!’ marketing strategy.

With these simple lead generation tips, you can taste success in lead conversions in little time!

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for landing on our website; we will be shortly coming up with a new blog on the same topic. So, keep visiting our blog to refresh your armory about the tips and tricks that are going to help you stay a step ahead of the competition.


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