Old School Marketing Techniques that should be on your list

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How many of you agree with the fact that old is gold?

Do you agree that no matter how advanced we are becoming with the rise in technological changes, there are certain old school methods which never go out of fashion? If yes, then today’s topic of discussion on this blog is going to take you through some of the most tried and tested old school methods of marketing.

Marketing Techniques

These need to be on your list of marketing strategies, if you are looking to make the most of advertising strategies to popularize your business.

So, let’s take a look-

1.  Print media– it is probably one of the most powerful tools to reach out to maximum people, and perhaps the oldest method as well. Businesses have used traditional print media methods like brochures, pamphlets, advertisement in the magazines and newspaper as a source of marketing their business for years now. And, considering the fact that the majority of the population still is interested in reading news from the newspapers and magazines, print media still stay amongst the most powerful and well-utilized source for business advertising

2.  Direct mails- another marketing methodology that has been left behind by time is direct mails to people. However, it is perhaps the best methods to reach to the targeted audience in a local market. In fact, if you are looking for the most cost effective marketing technique then direct mail marketing stands atop of all. The reason behind this fact is simple, we all want to know about the business growing in and around our surroundings. So, for businesses looking to target a particular locality, sending direct mails are perhaps the most efficient method

3.  Telemarketing-  Online marketing might have taken the world like a storm, but the fact that telemarketing still is able to generate leads cannot be negated. Yes, people still show interest in buying products they hear about on phone calls from the companies. However, if you are willing to try this old school method for your business marketing, make sure to take a look at the legal formalities as well as the state and national laws. You do not want to get your business stuck in any legal complications before it even picks up speed. Do you?

Online marketing


4.  Hoardings and Billboards- we all have seen those large hoardings of major brands standing tall in the town. Haven’t we? This is probably the best method to have ever originated in contemporary marketing. For businesses like a restaurant that wants to target travelers, it is perhaps the easiest way. Although, many of you would believe that it is going to be a costly idea, but I would like to state here that the results you are going to get out of it will make it a highly cost effective deal. Also the fact that you can target even thousands of people with it, without having to worry about the distribution to particular regions

5.  Transportation Ads – another major technique utilized by business owners all over the globe is ads that are placed on local transportation like buses, metro trains and similar others. Innumerable people travel through these local transportation on a daily basis, making them a great way to reach out to people.

Transportation Ads


People on the go cannot ignore ads like they can do with the television or internet advertisements. Therefore, if you are looking for old school methods to promote your business, and make it reach to the maximum number of people, then transport ads should definitely be on the list!

All that explains the contemporary methods of marketing.

However, to get the best results from your marketing endeavors, you need to have a blend of both old school as well as present day marketing strategies. Considering the fact that presenting your business in front of the audience has become an integral part of every business, you need to give business marketing its due importance.

After all, without proper advertising and marketing strategies, you are surely going to be left behind in the competition. And, no one would like that to happen to their business.

For more such interesting updates, keep on coming back to our blog. We will be sharing all the interesting topics based on the latest buzz in the market, as well as keeping in mind the learning needs of newbies planning to step into this field.

And, if you have anything to say to us then you can post in the comments sections below!

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