PHP Programming

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PHP was initially the abbreviation for Personal Home Page. Presently it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Basically PHP is a server-side script based language. This is the most demanded programming language now-a-days and more and more people are opting to learn PHP.php programming

This scripting language was created by Mr.Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995 and since then this language is being developed more and more. PHP is a robust language but is actually very easy to use. The logic used and required in PHP are relatively much simpler than that of the other programming languages. This script programming tool has enabled people to create different web or online applications.

Importance of PHP technology

  • PHP is considered as one of the most powerful online applications tool. It has become a very essential component of the internet world as people are relying more and more on internet and its wide range of services.
  • The basic fundamentals of the PHP are in C++. Hence it serves to be very easy to learn for people who are acquainted with other programming languages.
  • This programming language has found a wide reach in the Internet world i.e. in the field of web development.
  • The primary and the most common applications include the back end administration panels, online content management, tracking systems, e-brochures, e-forums and message boards and in shopping carts.

Process involved

  • A programmer would need to have a computer, a server, a text editor and some space in the Internet.
  • The server is required as the PHP programs are entirely executed on the server side and hence there is no requirement of client’s inclusion in the execution of the program.
  • It is installed on the particular server and then the code is passed to its source.
  • The program then gets executed by the server and is sent to the client’s computer in HTML format.


  • PHP is an open source programming language and hence the development is really very fast, stable and free.
  • This language has its own different morality features and plug-ins.
  • The most fascinating fact about PHP is that as implied by its alternate name i.e. server side programming language, its execution is done entirely by the server and hence the clients need not worry about the execution of the program.
  • Moreover as PHP is available free because of its open source coding, this is preferred by many which include the low budget businessmen and students. This proves to be cost-effective.
  • The fact that is quite exciting about PHP is its pre-defined memory optimizations. The inbuilt memory serves in decreasing any kind of work load on the servers.

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