Payment Gateways & Integration

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Payment Gateways & Integration

Most of e-commerce businesses are in need of payment gateways to conduct safe and secure money transactions online in order to grow their respective businesses. These gateways off late are forming the crux of online shopping, with the method being equated to the Point of Sale terminal found in retail shops. This short write up would help our readers to know the procedure of how the integration of payment gateways in websites happens.

What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateway offers services of an e-commerce application service provider which authenticates various types of payments that are required in e-businesses like online trading, online shopping etc. These services function by protecting sensitive information like credit/debit card details during an online transaction between a customer and vendor and also between the vendor and payment processor.

Why use payment gateways?

With the online retail market booming, the need for money transactions over the internet have become so common, that the necessity of having a payment gateway has become mandatory. Also the prompt and secure services of these service providers have made them a preferred mode of online money transaction. These two are important reasons for the huge success of online shopping sites which has paved way to the integration of a payment gateway in most of the online websites.

How do payment gateways function?

Now that we are aware of the importance of payment gateways, let us see how the integration process works for an online business.

Once the customer is done with the shopping, he/she submits the cart with the required products which is sent in an encrypted form to the vendor’s web server.

This encrypted information now passes through the Payment gateway that has been set by your host to the vendor’s bank.

Further, the acquiring vendor’s bank, transfers the details to the bank which has issued the credit/debit card of the customer.

Once the processing is done by the bank and the transaction is completed, the issuing bank sends out a response to the gateway like a remark on the status of the current order – if the transaction has been accepted or not.

Thus, the information reverts back the traveled path of the merchant’s server and then back to the customer in an encrypted form thereby keeping the customer informed on the status of the shopping order.

Finally, the customer’s bank deposits the said amount to the merchant’s bank, thereby completing the entire process.

The entire process takes place in a secure way which leaves no room to worry over money handling issues.

Benefits of having payment gateways integrated on your websites

  • Easy – With the payment gateways cutting down our precious time in jumping between third party payment portals, it also simplifies shopping needs by ordering goods at the instant click of the mouse.
  • Secure – With the whole process being highly encrypted and secure, this has become one of the safest mode of shopping.
  • Anytime and anywhere – This is also one of the advantages of online shopping. You can carry out your transactions from any part of the world at any time of the day.

What next?

With the whole concept of payment gateways and its integration being clear, you can approach us with all your queries regarding the same. We offer excellent services in providing world class payment gateways with our developers being equipped to offer prompt integration and support for every online transaction of yours. Also, our recommendations of payment gateway options have various features including multiple user accounts, processing refunds etc.

For more information contact us.

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