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On Site OptimizationThe internet has evolved rapidly over the past years. Owning a fully visible and functional website is largely becoming an inalienable part of every business that seeks to rally the online market towards its success. Many internet entrepreneurs have plunged into the business of building potent and colourful websites without proper planning on the part of how the website can be strategically and effectively visible across the World Wide Web in order to yield desired results.

Without proper planning for the visibility and publicity of your website your investment on building a robust web 2.0 website will be a waste of resources. Search engine optimization (SEO) addresses the gap that characterizes web design and getting relevant web traffic to drive sales or simply attract the target users for which the website has been set up.

Search engine optimization basically entails enhancing the rendering of the web pages and publishing strategically keyword centric content to make the web pages visible to search engines. Once search engines can detect your web pages and the topics (based on the keywords) the content on your website is based on your web pages will be indexed and returned as part of the search results when relevant search queries are processed.

Search engine optimization is an intricate process and what makes the process cumbersome is that the cyber landscape is volatile and search engines keep updating their search algorithms meaning web owners need to keep pace with changes in the web search dynamics if they are to stay on top of their game. SEO can be broken into basically two categories which are; on site optimization and off site optimisation  On site optimization entails working on the layout and content of web pages in order to enhance their visibility to the searched engines and target traffic.

Off site optimization entails “making noise” about your web pages across the internet. This strategy is mainly achieved through what is known as the Link Building process. Search engines rank pages according the popularity of these pages across the internet which is determined by the quality and quantity of the back links that these website have. Our expert SEO service providers are well versed with these principles and will ensure that appropriate SEO techniques are applied on your web pages.

It is important to note that ethically SEO can be further categorized into 2 main categories, which are white hat and black hat SEO. White hat SEO embodies safe and acceptable search engine optimization techniques while black hat SEO entails unorthodox techniques of gaming the search systems. This brings to light even more reasons why you need a reputable expert to handle on site optimisation for your website. Black hat on site optimization can result in your website being de-ranked or banned by Google and other top search engines.

Why you should choose us

Our on site optimization expert will ensure that the following components of your website anatomy are right on the mark.

  • Well researched and profitable keyword centric content
  • ALT tags
  • H1 tags
  • Meta description tags
  • URL structure
  • Site maps (both html and xml)
  • Internal Links Strategy

Our experts will also ensure that your web pages are safe from these common on site optimization mistakes.   Duplicate content

  •   Search engine unfriendly URLs
  •   Duplicate Content
  •   Repeated Title tags

Get in touch with us for more information and clarity about our on site optimization services.

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