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You want to see your website perform better in search engines and gain more traffic, right? “Well, you need to take care of on-page optimization first,” you hear an SEO expert say.

on page seo1. What is On page optimization, anyway?

The term “on page optimization” refers optimizing not the whole site, but only the web page (the content, the text, and the name). The whole idea behind doing on page optimization is to get higher rankings for your website.

On-page optimization does not take into consideration of optimizing your content outside of website, like leaving comments on blogs, forums, and submitting articles on directories to increase the search rankings of your website.

2. The Importance of On page optimization!

On-page optimization is very important. In fact, on page optimization often directly impacts your search engine rankings. From indexing of your pages, and to the ranking of the results, to search engine crawlers, on-page optimization will determine how your website will perform online and how your visitors will interact with whatever content they are displayed with in the search results.

3. The process of On page optimization!

  • The title tag – Ensure your keyword is at least once in the title tag. The title tag must not be more than 160 characters long. For best result, place the main keyword at the front, to the left.
  • The Keyword Meta tag – Only insert targeted keyword. Avoid including similar and extra keywords. Don’t enter more than six keywords in total.
  • Italicize, Underline, Bold – Emphasize your main keywords. Make them bold, italicized, and underline at least once.
  • Link to home page – On the landing page, insert a link to your home page using your main keyword as anchor text. Disregard this step if the landing page is your home page.
  • Description Meta Tag – This is very important as it not only optimizes the page, but it also summarizes the content of the page in the Google search result page. So make it intriguing and engaging so that people click through the link and read your content.
  • Alt Tags – Put couple of keyword variation in image alt tags. For example, if you’re targeting “pool pump reviews” keyword, then use “best swimming pool pumps”, or “underwater pool pumps” as alt tag keywords.
  • Keyword at the top and bottom – Insert your keyword towards the top (first sentence) and bottom of your page (in the last sentence).

4. Benefits of On page Optimization

On-page optimization has the following benefits:

  • Your website is likely rank higher on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Your website is more accessible to a site
  • On-page optimization maintains the internal structure of your website

5. Why choose us for On page optimization services

Well, it has taken us a lot of thinking and time to come up with a very convincing and simple answer to answer this question – why you should choose us? Well, the answer is very simple: we cannot force you or decide for you. Nor can we convince you. It’s your decision to select our company as for SEO services.

So if you want a professional on-page optimization services from highly-reputable SEO Company, do not hesitate to GIVE US a CALL! A certified SEO expert will answer all of your pressing questions, for an hour completely FREE of charge, and inform you about different SEO options and the best possible route to take for SEO campaign for your site.

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