On page optimization

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On page optimizationOn Page Optimization is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization, or the process of making your website visible in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. No matter how great a website is, people will never know it exists without some kind of marketing effort; On Page Optimization is the first step towards getting your website out there, and allows valuable customers to find it through their everyday search results.

The first step of On Page Optimization is to organize your content. User-friendly websites have a definite ranking advantage over confusing websites that are hard to navigate. This is why content must be categorized into menus and labelled when necessary. When the structuring is complete, a sitemap must be generated and submitted to search engines. Sitemaps are a layout, or ‘map’, of the website’s structure – having a sitemap makes it easier for search engine crawlers navigate your site, and ultimately show in their index.

Having an optimized structure is just the beginning; after content is added to a website it must be optimized. Content optimization begins with a title that holds the keyword. Keywords are specific words or phrases that the website/page is trying to rank for in search engines, and should be closely related to the topic of the page being optimized.

Following the title, it is good practice to place the keyword into the URL of the page, as well as into a HTML header tag in the page text. Search engines see these HTML header tags, <h1> and <h2>, as important; placing your keywords into these tags will greatly improve your page’s optimization. As a final step, the keyword should be included in the website’s META tags, and used a few times throughout the page.

The guidelines above cover the basics of On-Page Optimization and why it’s important to include into any new or existing website. Good optimization practice will always improve a site’s search engine ranking, so don’t forget about it when working on your next site!

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