McAfee Email Protection

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McAfee Email ProtectionCertified with ISO 27001, McAfee is popular antivirus software, protecting thousands of end users and businesses across the world. McAfee and McAfee Email Protection have been named as Industry Innovators by a magazine. McAfee Email protects against the threats that are inbound, including spam mail, viruses, and phishing scams while delivering outbound data. McAfee Email Protection provides security the way the customer needs, be it onsite or cloud based or blend of both. It incorporates the technology for preventing data loss. It also provides continued email access in case there is server breakdown.

McAfee Email Protection is providing security through the Global Threat Intelligence to internet business around the world. You can choose a cloud-based services which blocks all the outbound and inbound threats, an onsite control, or the strengths of both which combines through a management. McAfee Email Protection helps in installing what is needed now and is flexible to make changes in the near future. It is user friendly and easily managed. It has a 20 layered mail security technology to control the spam. The importance of McAfee Email Protection is in filtering the inbound and outbound mails. It also protects against the mail server attacks. Advanced spam is blocked outside the network. It reports wide-ranging email threats. It delivers secured message over TLS. Filtering of attachments and web-based content is done. It also protects against fraud emails.

McAfee Email Protection has many benefits. It filters the mail in the cloud automatically. McAfee blocks and stops the attacks of the unwanted emails by protecting through email servers. Email protection and continuity operates in the cloud, blocking 99% of spam and deceitful mails, phishing, viruses outside your network. It filters outbound mails and attachments. It provides email protection against the virus and malware to the customer as well as the receiver. It detects and blocks the web bug and filters email through keywords. It is cost effective and reduces the security expenses. There are no new hardware or software installations required. It automatically updates and protects the computer against the new threats with McAfee SaaS Email Protection. It also guards the important outbound email with TLS, an important feature which provides gateway encryption without disturbing the working of the employees. The add-on product of McAfee SaaS Email Encryption is easy to use and has built-in methods for preventing data loss. The cloud based encryption guarantees the secure delivery of confidential information.

McAfee is one of the leading manufactures of email protection software. McAfee is constantly fulfilling the needs of PC security for its customers. It has an extensive range of products for email security which has received many accolades for its competency in computer and online protection. Email protection given by McAfee has many reasons why one should choose them from other security software in the market.

The main goal is to quickly look after the issues and help the customer to fight against the various online threats and cater to the need of their business demands. Widespread customer service and technical support is provided live 24×7 through customer support service. Customer service is easily accessible worldwide which will ensure that your online business runs smooth without the worries of online threats.

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