McAfee Content Security Suite

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McAfee Content Security SuiteSecurity is the number one field that all companies would not want to gamble with. Security is not just about having high tech locking and monitoring devices so as to protect against any physical theft or vulnerability of data but also protection of the data you send and receive online. MacAfee content security suite is a comprehensive package that combines email security, web security and data loss prevention. The integrated solution is aimed at ensuring that your enterprise is protected from any threats whether from inside or outside that may affect your system, sensitive content and data and also to protect the users.

It is important to have a system that will ensure that your system is protected. This is because sensitive information may be leaked out eventually lead to collapse of your enterprise. Not having a good web protection software can cause loss of data which might not be retrievable. Users too might feel vulnerable to attack on the private or corporate accounts by various malicious groups when especially doing business online.

The MacAfee content security suite works to ensure that the holes that may lead to the loss of data or may act as a channel of access to cause malicious damage are properly sealed and protected. This is done while at the same time not interfering with how the normal operations are running.

Key services provided

The way in which this software works can be grouped into six groups depending on the purpose of the process. These are;

  • Malware and virus protection: This process involves scanning any files received so as to protect against the targeted malware attacks on your system.
  • Web security: The internet is filled with many malicious websites and it is often hard to decipher what each of them is about and if they can be trusted. The MacAfee content security allows you to navigate through the web pages without the fear of any data loss, fear of phishing and any targeted attacks.
  • Email security and spam filtering: In most cases, threats infiltrate organizations through emails. The software has integrated email protection to eliminate spam and other threats that may come in form of emails.
  • Data loss prevention: When doing online business, protection of both structured and unstructured data is very important. Examples of structured data are passwords and credit card numbers while unstructured may consist of blue prints financial data workers profile and company statistics.

Apart from the features that come with this package, there are other benefits of having this software on your system. One of the greatest benefits being the cost one saves that would have been used to repair and clean up the system. An enterprise will also increase its productivity since the processes will be faster without any fear of malware and also reduction of bandwidth. Technical support from the MacAfee support technicians is available and they also offer support tools and best practice advice. You can contact MacAfee for more information on the MacAfee content security suite to purchase the product or for more information about it.

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