Know Amazon As A Publisher & Advertiser

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Know Amazon As An Publisher & Advertiser

Many people know as a retailer from where they can purchase all sorts of commodities from books to groceries. However, Amazon can also be known in other ways. Amazon also has an advertising and publishing division. Amazon advertising and publishing can take the form of a number of different things. In 2009 Amazon imprints was launched as a publishing venture that had a number of different components to it.

Know Amazon as a Publisher & Advertiser

One of the imprint series is Amazon Encore. It performs as one of the self publishing enterprises for Amazon. It specializes in out of print or specialized books. Amazon Crossing consists of books in translation. Moonflake is another aspect of the publishing Amazon does or what is referred to as the romance division. Thomas & Mercer is another aspect of the Amazon Empire and primarily deals with the publishing of mysteries and thrillers. Their division 74 North publishes in the Science Fiction, fantasy and Horror genres. The Domino project is primarily short projects by thought provoking leaders. New Harvest specializes in short adult titles.

These publishing options are in addition to those that can do self publishing on kindle. Amazon publishing enterprises started in 2008 and a different group has been added every year, starting with Amazon Encore in 2009.

Amazon advertising is also garnered to reach individuals in all homes across America. These would take the form of text and banner ads running across a kindle or phone that would link back to the Amazon site. These would allow your customers to click on these websites and link back to your products. These are some of the things that this enterprise can do for advertisers.

Depending on what component of the business an individual is interested in, either publishing or advertising, they will need to create a publishing or advertising account on Links on the site can explain the process to the individual. Individuals will simply make a selection based on their preferences at the time.

The benefits of using Amazon as either a publisher or advertiser are numerous. First of all Amazon is a known entity that people are familiar with. In the case of publishing, individuals who publish on Amazon can find that they have a readymade class of people who will be looking at their ads.

This is what makes the advertising so outstanding for advertisers. There are over 200 million customers involved with Amazon every day. Advertisers will have a readymade customer base to choose from to either advertise or publicize with Amazon. This is one of the great benefits about using Amazon.

Select Amazon because it is a brand that everyone is familiar with and one can get either their published product or advertisement before millions of people. Amazon is simply one of the best places to either advertise or publish on the web, so get your product, service or message before millions by contracting with

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