Is Your Website User Friendly? Check Now!

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User Friendly Website

How many times do the stats of your website indicate exit of unhappy customers?

Have you ever wondered on the reason behind this customer behaviour?

Because just like us, our customers are busy too, that’s why they feel upset when they do not get a friendly web experience.

Imagine yourself as a user. You go to a website to buy a coffee maker and before you can make a purchase you have to go through almost ten clicks. You will be certainly annoyed to an extent that will urge you to exit.

Now think and answer, does your website also makes the users go through this tedious task when they come to you? If yes, is your answer then let’s run your website through this checklist and make the desired changes:

Do you initiate communications?

Every user experience is incomplete without communications. Whether they want to get into it or not, but you have to give your users a way to communicate with you or your team. Help them report any problems or give a happy feedback.

Do you flood the customer with too many options?

When getting options makes you happy, but getting too many options causes confusion. It’s time to stop if you have been giving too many options to your customers. Clarity is best. Display the more wanted options open and you can always leave hints about what’s more.

Is your online store complicated?

Giving your audience what and where they want is simplification. Simplicity rules the user friendly experience, which means placing the options and designing navigation like users, even if it means doing contrary to what your designing and coding says.

Are your directions straightforward?

Ambiguity in directing your audience to do things leaves a negative impact causing customers to leave in the middle. If you want your audience to click on a link, ask them directly for it. If you have created icons or you are using colours for it, make these symbols clear and easy for interpretation.

Is your e-commerce store useful?

Can you give your store a good rating from the user and web perspective? You online store may have it all, but there is every possibility all the content, videos, images, graphics, navigation on your website is not useful. Usability involves easy navigation, visit to your site, simple purchase procedure, sufficient support, clear terms and conditions.


E-Commerce Website


Visit your store as a customer and make a purchase. Gaze your experience, was the navigation easy, were you able find the options easily, did you have go through many options before making the purchase, was everything right in order, was making payment easy, was the support sufficient?

Answers to the questions above will tell you whether your customers go happy or raged. You can also ask your team or friends to do this shopping tour for you and get the criticism for positive construction.

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