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Install Trusted Site SealA trusted site seal is a dynamic image that appears on an eCommerce website; it enables visitors to confirm at a glance that they can trust your business, confirms that your site is validated and clients can transact securely and safely with your website.

In most instances the seal is usually provided by the company that has issued you with an SSL certificate. It thus follows that you cannot Install trusted site seal if you don’t have an SSL certificate. In most instances the seal is provided free of charge. The major companies that offer trusted site seals globally include Norton, COMODO, Thawte, Trustwave, McAfee, GeoTrust, TRUSTe etc.

Most of the images are usually a direct link to the certificate server for verification purposes, a click on the installed image will lead to the server and confirm the authenticity of security level shown therein. The installed trusted site seal also provides a link to the customer awareness program; this educates the users on the full value of the certificate they are viewing at a particular site.

The signs are usually available in a variety of languages; from Slovenian to Icelandic and yes English is there too. Most companies have over 20 languages in their basket. The seals come in various sizes and shapes that will fit into the allotted spaces at the edge of a website of choice.

How to Install a Trusted Site Seal

The company offering you the seal will usually give you a website link that will enable the downloading of the JavaScript code for the chosen site seal. One will then be expected to key in the order number of the chosen site seal.

Most organizations will also provide you with a status page password that you will use to ensure the installation process are secure and safe; they also provide different password retrieval procedures for those who may have forgotten or lost their passwords.

A website owner is allowed to choose the directory where he wants the seal to be installed, there are several options available in this regard; a user may choose to display the installed seal in all pages of his site or choose specific pages where the seal will be displayed.

It is also at this point that one will choose from the range of available sizes a seal that will fit his website, choose an appropriate language to be used on the security seal and check on the sample to confirm if what he has chosen is what he desires.

The seal is usually inserted on the targeted web page by copying the image and pasting it onto the source pages that are usually in the format of HTML/ PHP/ ASP. It usually takes not more than two hours for the seal to be displayed on the chosen website pages.

We provide security seals from a wide array of companies; we have done this successfully for many companies. We have experienced and highly qualified personnel who will assist you all the way in ensuring your website is secured.

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