How you can get Free SEO help for your Small Business?

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Free SEO Tips


You might be thinking to capture more clients by setting up a website for small business or you already have set up one. But,

Are you getting the traffic that you expected?

If not? Then, one of the biggest reasons behind this could be the fact that you have not done proper search engine optimization.  Considering the fact that you are running a small business, and you cannot spend too much money, we are going to give you tips about how you can get free SEO help for your business.

Just go through the content provided below and see for yourself –

1.  Content, Content and Content – this probably you would have heard a million times, but still we are mentioning it here because majority of the sites still do not focus and content and end up getting nothing. Therefore, make sure that you have content which is –

  • Fresh, because no one loves to read something over and over again. Ensure that whatever you are presenting on the website gives a sense of freshness to the readers so that they like what they see and do not get bored!
  • Unique, simply because of the fact that Google is very harsh on copied content. Any type of plagiarism is a strict red flag for Google to penalize your website. So make sure that you put unique content on the site
  • Lively, just to make sure customer engagement. A lively content catches the attraction of customers, and take care of the fact that they return time and again to the site. Besides it also spreads words of mouth about the uniqueness of your site

2.  Free SEO Tools – 

Free SEO Tools


There are plenty of free SEO tools available on the web, which you can easily utilize for betterment of your business. These include –

  • Adwords – one of the simplest and perhaps the most important tools which is available free of cost. Not only does it help you find out how often a keyword is used by people, but it also shows its variations as well as its competitiveness
  • Google Insights – an underrated, but fairly useful tool, Google insights gives you access to finding keyword trends based on geographical variations, categories and also during specific time periods.
  • WordPress – you would be amazed to know that all the search engines love blogs. And, if you want to start one, then none can be better than WordPress. A free platform with numerous add-ons and perks that will simply put you amidst the search engine’s eyes!

Besides these there are other tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Wordtracker are amongst the most popular ones.

3.  Be Social – Social media has taken the world like a storm. And, this is the reason why Google has added social media platforms to the list of things it checks for the content it indices. By using

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter

As a part of your SEO strategy you can eventually get awe-inspiring results. And, not to forget all this is not going to cost you a single penny. So, why not make the most of it? What say?

4.  Just ask for it from others – 

SEO Questions


Although, not many would agree with this, but still one of the most effective ways of getting free SEO help for businesses is simply to ask for it. What i mean to say here is that you must join online communities. Joining them is free, and you can post your questions and doubts there and get answers from the experts, as well as people who probably have faced similar situations in the past.  There are numerous interesting platforms like SEOChat, WebmasterWorld, and ThreadWatch, to name a few. Seems too good to be true! Isn’t it?

All the above mentioned tips can prove to be more than handful if you simply do not want to invest in professional services for the SEO of website created for your small business.

In fact, these can prove to be the best guide for making your website search engine friendly, and getting to know about what are the latest trends in the market based on which your website can come in the good books of search engines.

Like what you see here? Give it a try and see for yourself.

If you find out anything interesting related to this topic, or have anything to add to it on the basis of your personal experience then you can share it here and easily connect to us on social networking platforms as well. That’s it for now! Keep visiting for more such information!!!

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