How to unhack a website

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How to unhack a website

With the progressive pace of cyber technologies, the unethical goals of rogue internet users are also progressing at a very fast pace. These rogue internet users are always on an all stops-off missions to get their web exploitation instrumentalities up to speed. When all is well and you are enjoying a steady flow of traffic towards the accomplishment of your online presence goals it may seem ridiculous that your website can be hacked and one morning you can wake up to discover that your website has been scythed.

So what should do you do in the worst case scenario? Website hackers use different methods of by-passing set security measures and this implies that recovery measures will depend on the nature of the attack. The way your website can be hacked cannot be exactly and accurately guessed but most hacking methods involve an automated cracking of the super admin logins (password and username). Once the hackers crack the control panel (cpanel) and FTP (file transfer protocol) logins of your website server they can get back end access to the scripts of your web pages and insert malicious code into your website scripts.

Steps to take to keep your website safe

  • If your website has been attacked ensure all the files have been cleaned up have passed safety checks
  • Get a web expert to conduct a security audit for your website
  • Fine tune your website in line with latest security requirements

Before any recovery measures can be implemented on your hacked website you need to put the website on the offline mode as soon as possible. If your website is Joomla driven do not make the mistake of relying on Joomla’s offline mode setting. This setting does not secure the website files from external access through malicious exploits.

Once you have set the website on an effective offline mode you need to move swiftly and change your server admin login details. What you need to understand is that once a hacker has managed to insert his malicious code onto you web pages, it means your server logins have been cracked. If you are running Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress that have configuration files remember to update these with the new passwords.

Not all websites are well laid out as most CMS websites. The process of unhacking a website can be as intricate and as complicated as the model in which the website is structured. Cleaning up the infected web pages requires expert attention on all the compromised pages and components of the website.

This is why you need the services of our experts to prevent website hacking and to implement recovery operations on your web pages in the worst case scenarios. Our expert webmasters are able to evaluate various components of your website and identify loopholes that can be exploited by hackers to attack your website. Attacks can come in form of SQL injections, JavaScript exploitations and Cross Site Scripting.

The blunt truth you need to know as a website owner is that there is no website over the internet that is completely “unhackable”. What underpins this fact is that security is a process not an object or an event. You need to consider that cyber technology is progressive. What works today to prevent SQL injections for example may not work tomorrow when new ways of manipulating PHP and SQL may have been discovered.

A website that was pretty secure based on the best technologies available by 1990 may not be classified as secure in light of the dynamics of the contemporary cyber terrain. This is why you need to commit the intricate work of keeping your website safe and updating its security structures to our expert webmasters. We have experience that spans a broad range of website models and hence we are best suited to protect and protect any website from various forms of hacking.

Feel free to contact us for more information on website unhacking and online security services.

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