How can you get more customers without added costs?

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Attract more customers

I remember one of my friends telling me how hard it was for him to retain existing customers with his organisation when they were going away with similar products coming up in the market. And also he told me about the amount of efforts he would make to get new customers which would fall heavy on his company’s pocket.

Then I realised how grave this problem was and how many businesses were suffering due to it. If you are one of these lot who are boggling their head on how to get more customers without added costs, then here is your rescue team! I have researched on this problem and here I am sharing with you some facts that are a result of my research:

Re-launch with some twist

During my research I came across few companies who were having a huge base of customers. After studying their selling patterns I got the hang of their trick. These companies would revamp their left over stock with some innovation and then sell it for at a fairly good rate because of the great demand their product would create. For example, if you are selling ladies scarves online, you can refurbish the last stock with some sequins, tassels or any other embellishments and put it in your new arrivals section. Anything innovative is sure to catch attention of customers and bring them to you.

Watch your competitors

Watch your competitors


If you are worried with your customers going away and your competitors gaining more, then it is perhaps the time when you need to set your eyes on the activities of your competitors. Use social media to carefully see what your competitors are doing and find answers for the questions-What kind of products are they selling? What are the promotion strategies being used by them? How are they interacting with their customers on social media platforms and their own website? Answers to questions like these will bring you close enough to identifying the loopholes in your own brand and strategies. Identify them and work on them!

Revamp your advertising

How frequently you change your advertising strategies? If you let a strategy work on for long without any innovation, then you are the only reason for losing your customers. Customers demand innovation, even if you are selling the same kind of stuff. Through your advertising tell your customers as to why they should come to you when there are other merchants selling the same thing. Thing different, sound unique!

Collaborate your offers

Sometimes lack of appropriate size of target audience becomes an obstacle in getting new customers. You keep on investing more to get new customers, but somehow they don’t come because of limited reach you have. To set this malfunction right, you just have to do a bit of more work without any further investments at all. Let’s say you sell music CD’s online and you want more customers. You can easily tie up with a company selling music systems for cars, request them to keep your banners, posters and even some stock for people to buy. Your product will never be threat for their sales and you can easily.

Customer is the king 

Customer is the king


Believe it or not, a lot depends on the way you treat your customers. Customers are an unpaid means of marketing and what they about you can work wonders for you. Try new ways of making your customers feel special and privileged. Wish them on special occasions, keep them updated with your stocks, also send them special gifts or coupons. A happy and satisfied customer can bring 100 more!

As long as you are ready to offer something new and innovative, finding new customers will never be much of a problem for you. All you need to do is stay a little more aware of the ongoing trends in your domain. Stay active on your social networks and keep an eye on the choices and preferences of your target audience. You need to have a specific set of target audience which can easily accept your brand. Tapping the people who are already looking for something you offer will always be an easy job.

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