High PR Backlinks

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Back links are all kinds of links that lead to a website. These links can be incoming links, inbound links and inward links. In general terms, any kind of link directed to a website or webpage from another is called as backlink and the process is called as backlinking.High Pr Backlinks

These links are mostly used for the purpose of creating a reputation for a website in SERP or Search Engine Optimization. Based on number of backlinks to a website, one can calculate the popularity of websites and how much the website has been discussed among others. Talking in terms of Search Engine Ranking, a backlink from site 1 to site 2 is calculated as the vote given to site 2. The more votes a site has the better ranking it gets and it’s also assigned as Page Rank based on its popularity in which backlink play a very important role.

Based on quality of links directed from websites, they are categorized into two: One is High PR Back-links and another is Low PR Backlinks. As the name suggests, High PR BackLinks are from high PR websites and generally it’s hard to get whereas Low PR websites provide backlinks easily but these are not as significant in terms of giving a site reputation.

Benefits of High PR BackLinks

There are various benefits associated with High PR BackLinks. Some of these are:

  • Good quality traffic: As your site is one of the few high quality websites, it automatically gets good quality traffic from those websites. These sites are not only high PR but also have very high amount of traffic coming to them on daily basis so you get a part of that with the help of your links in the form of images and anchor texts.
  • Popularity: With more exposure from other websites, you get a lot of popularity based on your contribution and involvement with them. The more you interact, the more popular you get.
  • Increase in PR: As you are getting backlinks from high PR websites, with ranking juice concept, you also get a part of their ranking and it automatically increases your Page Rank which is not only permanent but also effective when you do it organically.
  • SEO boost: With just a few High PR BackLinks, you get more benefits than normal SEO procedure. As the links are quality links, even a few can be compared to hundreds of low quality backlinks. And based on ‘Voting’ concept you gain some credits which help you a lot with your page rank and rankings on SERP.

How to get High PR BackLinks?

There are different methods which are being followed to get High PR BackLinks. Following only either of them is not as effective as doing them all together.

  • Link Directories
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Paid Links
  • Article Publishing
  • Press Release Submission
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Web 2.0
  • Link Baiting

Sites for High PR BackLinks:


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