A faster website can increase your conversions? Is it so?

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Grow your business online


Want to grow your business online?

How can you achieve a rise in conversion rate of your website?

Can a faster website get you more conversions?

These are a few of the questions that we are going to discuss in this blog and see how the answers are going to help you improve your conversion rates.

Let us begin by taking one question at time – 

How is loading time related to conversions?

Although, majority of people think that there is no correlation of conversion rate and website loading time, but let me present to you an array of facts that would put a halt to this misconception and help you understand how can you earn online in the most efficient manner –

1.  In a research conducted by Velocity recently this year, it was concluded that a striking increase was seen with reduction of every second in the page load time

2.  In another survey research conducted by Amazon back in 2006, it was found that there is a 1% loss in sales with every 100 millisecond delay in page loading

3.  In yet another such instance, it was observed that a reduction in page load time by 3 seconds lead to 14% rise in online donations during the Obama for America campaign (report from Kyle Rush in the year 2011)

Besides these here are some user statistics that further strengthen the relation between conversions and website loading time –

1.  A one second page delay costs $2.5 million loss in annual sales to an ecommerce site that earns $ 100,000 daily

2.  There is an astonishing 7% reduction in conversions with a delay of even one second

3.  A website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is abandoned by as much as 40% of the internet users

4.  Maximum loading time of 2 seconds expected by 40% of the users globally

That’s not all. In fact, search engine optimization guidelines provided by Google also include website loading time as an imperative factor for website ranking.

Not many would be aware that in the year 2010, Google itself had announced that website load time is going to be a factor they are going to consider while ranking the websites, which indirectly is going to impact how much traffic you get on your website. Therefore, you must ensure that your website loading time falls under the designate guidelines by Google.

All this brings us to a conclusion that if you want to enhance the conversion rate and increase your sales online, then getting a website with quick loading time is a must. Now, the next question that rises here is – 


Speed up website


How to ensure that the website has quick loading time?

Well there are literally hundreds of ways for this. However, as stated by the Head Performance Engineer at Google, Steve Souders, which eventually became the Performance Golden Rule for all the websites,

“80-90% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. Start there.”

Thus, improving your database and web server infrastructure is the key for a quicker website. Besides this, below mentioned are some of website optimization tips that will help you get a faster loading website –

1.  Optimize Page Size – By enabling HTTP compression, you can eventually reduce the size of your text resources up to 50%, and thereby improve the page speed

2.  Cut Down the Image Size – Keeping in mind that images can contribute to almost 80% of the page size, you need to ensure that cut down their size and get the website to load faster.

3.  Reduce Browser Requests – Reducing the number of requests your page has to make means there are fewer analytic beacons, fewer images and fewer java script files.

4.  Sign up for CDN – If you get traffic from users located far away from the location where your website is hosted then it can take a lot of time to load and download images. Signing up for CDN or Content Delivery Network can end all this.

*Want to know about how does this CDN works?

Well, basically it copies the image or the java script or CSS file to numerous edge nodes all around the world, and when user from a distant location opens up the page, it loads the same image from a closest available location, thereby, ensuring lesser page loading time. Simply magical, isn’t it?

These are some of the easiest steps that can work as a getting a faster website for higher conversion rates.

If you want to grow your web based business, well, then there are a many options, but a great way to do so is by creating a website with quick loading time.

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