Email Security Gateway

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An email security gateway can be best defined as an entrance which allows the user to access another network. Gateway nodes are stopping points that control traffic at the ISP or within a local network.

email security gatewaysCompanies often put tight security controls through security gateways, so that their data is accessed by outside sources. But these email security gateways are constantly tested as they are often subjected to security threats from spams, phishing emails, spyware etc. Due to these reasons there is often a need to improvise the existing internet security features for better data protection.


The increasing risk of security threats have made many companies realise the importance of improving their security gateways. By having adequate security gateways in place, the user can be certain of avoiding

  • Spams
  • Data Leakage
  • Virus outbreaks


Websense products are now being used by many companies which are actively on the hunt for reducing their vulnerability to data theft.

The email security gateway product designed by Websense is a great tool that provides adequate protection against data theft in an email channel in the company. This product is deployed through the Websense V-series appliance which has to be bought from either a Websense partner or through the company’s sales team.

The email security gateway can be downloaded onto a separate windows server machine to avail the security benefits of the program.


  • Websense offers a lot of benefits through its V-serience appliance that works as an efficient email security gateway which protects your sensitive data from being leaked. The benefits include
  • Malware Protection – The emails coming in and going out are both scanned for malware, spyware and any other security threats.
  • Spam Detection – For any email to be classified as spam there are a lot of parameters taken into account. These include sender’s reputation, URL analysis and identification of suspicious PDF.
  • Enterprise Class DLP – By upgrading a simple license key it is possible for the user to create and apply a single policy for email, web and even endpoints.
  • Mobile Email DLP – Through this, the user can be restricted from accessing confidential emails from his mobile device. This helps to effectively combat leakage of confidential data.
  • Quarantine management – Quarantined messages and logs can be accessed through the powerful search engine.
  • Reporting – The user is provided a number of reports through which he can easily judge the extent of his threats. The reports inform the user of policy violations, number of threats received etc.
  • TLS Encryption – An email can easily be intercepted and altered on the internet. Through successful encryption, these emails can be prevented from being intercepted.
  • Email Archive – An archive of all the emails sent and received by the users in your network can be maintained. This allows you to check in for any discrepancy at any time as these archives are accessible forever.
  • Image Analysis – Most companies have strict policy regulations against sending or receiving offensive images. With Image Analysis, these regulations can be strictly enforced.

Email security gateways are very important as they protect the company from becoming victim to data theft. As such, Websense products like the email security gateway are being preferred among others due to the great features that it offers.

To know more about Websense, log in to or contact any of our partners.

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