Email Marketing

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email marketingEmail marketing is sending message to consumers using email. The message usually contains adds, sales, donations, or business information. With this marketing way, you can reach your potential customers that interested on your products or services.

Before you start to send your email, you should consider these several things. First, understand the Federal Can spam, such as the email subject that you’ve sent must be relevant with the content. Second, try to get the email addresses with permission. You can get email addresses with permission by putting an email sign up form on your website, try to offer coupons or free downloads so people are interested to subscribe.

Here are simple steps to do email marketing for beginners :

1. Do research about your target customer, are they always online, how to reach them, how to make them subscribe to your site.

2. Choose an email marketing service and software, this system makes you easier to manage all of your email, including contacts, messages, subscribe, unsubscribe, and even track the result.

3. Choose the type of email you want to send and how often you want to send it.

4. Create good email, you can use email template softwares. Try to not only send text message, but also include some images so the customer will be interested reading your email.

5. Recheck if your email is readable and use the appropriate language for the target customer

6. Send your email continuously with consistent frequency, this will help you building ongoing relationships and keep reminding your customer about your product.

By doing email marketing you will get some benefits. First, you can do it yourself by selecting any email templates so you don’t have to hire anyone. Second, email marketing is cheap. You don’t need to give extra money to print your product info. Third, email marketing can send message to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Fourth, email marketing is very efficient since it can reach numerous target at the same time and sure it will reduce your marketing costs. The last and important thing is email marketing can increase your sales by keep informing your target customer about your product

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