Email Marketing Practices to Avoid this Season

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Email Marketing Mistakes


Are you not getting the expected response from your email marketing list?

Do you know the reason behind non-successful email marketing campaigns?

Well, there can be a big possibility that you are not following the right practices. Therefore, it is imperative to know what you are doing wrong and what you must avoid in order to achieve the desired results.

In the content mentioned below, we are going to take a look at some of the common mistakes that marketers make when it comes to email marketing. Let us begin –


1.  Over sending mails – do you send zillions of emails to your users? If yes, then this is the first step you are doing wrong. Flooding customers with emails if most annoying thing for the users. And, it is the number one reason why customers unsubscribe business. You already are permitted to send emails and information, don’t blow it by sending them numerous emails. After all you would not want to ruin reputation and be a part of the spam list. Would you?

2.  Emails with Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes – have you ever proof read the email before sending? This is the first thing that you must do, if you have not been doing so. An email with mistakes annoys the customer and leaves an impression that you are not interested in them. So, the next time you are sending an email to matter whom, make sure to go through the entire mail once and check for any errors

3.  Keep it Short and Apt – nobody likes reading emails which are never ending. Bragging about stuff in the mail is the worst thing to do. Therefore, keeping the mail apt and to the point is the best practice to adopt. A good idea is to create a list of mails deciphering them on the basis of individual services/ products. This will not only give the users something new to read every time, but at the same time show the diversity about your work as well.

4.  A Mediocre and Cliché Subject line – We all have received emails with same boring and cliché subject lines like ‘open to win great perks’ or ‘we will make your holiday wishes come true’. Well, the customers have become too smart to fall for all this. Therefore, you need to avoid it. Make sure to create a custom subject line, and that too an innovative one every time you are sending a email to your current and potential clients.

5.  A confusing C2A – failing to provide customers with the information regarding what to after reading the email is eventually going to make the email worthless. Having a clear call to action written in the mail, therefore, becomes immensely important. Do not send emails just for the sake of it if you want to reap great benefits from your email marketing strategy, rather emphasize on particular areas to make the mails most effective

6.  Forget to Test mails – you would not want your mail to appear in spam or show as an erroneous message, would you? Definitely not, but have you tested it before sending it? Why not? A non-tested email may appear strange to the user as he/she might be using a system/platform different from that of yours. Therefore, testing becomes a key element in email marketing which you cannot ignore

7.  Resending the Same Offers – do not bore the customers by sending same offer mail over and over again. This makes your business appear lazy, boring and unattractive, something that’s surely going to take the customers attention away from what you do. And, you would not want that to happen. Would you?

8.  Being Desperate – do you buy email lists and flash them with mails? If yes, then stop doing it. Sending unsolicited mails to people who have nothing to do with your work makes you sound desperate. And, leaves a bad impact on the viewer.

Never Force Customers


The worst is that you may get spammed. Therefore, let the customers come to you, sign up for newsletters, rather than the opposite

You never thought that you have been making these mistakes. Did you?

Well, most of the people reading this blog would be making these small mistakes, without even knowing. Now that you know it, stop doing these practices and see how effective your email marketing campaigns become. By avoiding these small errors, you can eventually sky rocket the customer’s interest in your business and even reap great revenues.

So, what are you waiting for?

Employ these in the next email marketing campaign and see the results instantly!!!

For any queries, additions and comments you can post in the comments sections and be a part of the discussion.

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