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CSS, W3C & RSS Directories SubmissionSearch engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have become critical and inalienable strategies for the success of online businesses. Competition is stiff online because your competitor lays just a single click away. Marketing your website is the next big stage that deserves expert attention after the website has been built. There are many online marketing strategies and for many concepts it is not about which marketing strategy is the best but it takes a good combination of several effective online marketing strategies to take an online business venture to new heights. CSS, W3C and RSS submissions are part of the expansive off site search engine optimization capable of giving a positive outlook to any online business.

Understanding how search engines work

In order to grasp the value of our services you need to understand the logics of how search engines work. Successful online businesses have significant organic traffic flowing to their websites. Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes from search engines. This traffic has a high conversion rate. Conversion here refers to the transition of a web visitor from being a mere visitor to a customer by responding to the calls to action presented on your website. For your website to receive organic traffic it must be visible to the search engines. In other words your website has to be optimized not only to be visible but to rank well so that when a user punches in the keywords related to the products and services on your website your web pages will come up as part of the search results.

Search engines return between thousands to millions of web pages as search results. What are the odds that your indexed web pages will make it to the top ten results the furthest point where most surfers go? This is where our CSS, W3C and RSS directories submission services come in. What you should also understand on the search procedure anatomy is that search engines pick up various factors and do the mathematics on the fly to determine which page has the highest authority in terms of keyword centric content and popularity across the web based on the quality and number of back links pointing to that web page. On these and other factors returned pages are thus ranked and displayed accordingly.

CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission

Our directory submission services cater to all these factors and our experts are dedicated to keep pace with the current trends in the search algorithms to put together effective strategies to enable our clients to achieve their online presence goals. The reason why you should select our services is that we provide safe white hat SEO techniques. There are many SEO service providers out there but the catch is in that you may not know what kind of methods the service provider is implementing around your domain name to drive traffic to your website. Due to this many website owners have found themselves with banned or de-ranked websites sanctioned from getting the coveted organic traffic from search engines. This is why you should not take any chances with the publicity and marketing objectives of your website.

Contact us for more information on our directory submission services.

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