Community Creation in Networking Sites

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Community Creation in Networking SitesHow networking sites can create a community and grow your business

Online social networking is the human interaction that takes place through the use of the use of online platform known as internet. These social sites have made it possible for people from all over the world and all walks of life to interact and be able to meet with each other. This interaction has made the world to be a small place hence given a name of a global village.

Social networking sites are created because of bonding and socialization needs of friends, families, individuals and relatives. The social networks through the internet have assisted a number of people to connect with each other and institute an avenue to share experiences and events in their lives regardless of the distance. In a addition, these sites have created an enormous opportunities for people in making themselves reachable and available to others.

What are the intentions of social networking sites?

Ways in which networking sites have helped to create a community

  • For people with free time, networking sites have helped them to interact with one another through utilizing the free time they have.
  • Networking sites have enabled people with a number of active organizations such as alumni associations, friends circle and families to stay together as one unity in spite of the distance;
  • Networking sites have created a platform for people to make more friends from various parts of the world;
  • Networking sites have assisted people to connect with old friends who reside in different places and created an opportunity to reminisce good time spent together.

Networking sites or tools such as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and blogs have made it possible for the creation and exchange of ideas so widely and quickly as compared to conventional media. The platform has made good use of the following:

  • Connection.
  • Creation of new products, services and ideas.
  • Creativity.
  • Community of shared interests.
  • Changing the game of competition and collaboration.

Networking sites through the social media has influenced how people buy goods and services.

How will networking sites help you to grow your business through the creation of the community?

Networking sites can enable you to reach a large number of people in a very short period of time. For instance: if the owner of the business decides to use this platform to attract potential investors and clients; he can do it within a fraction of time in reaching thousands, and even millions of people using the platform. He does not have to wait till the time when he has grown a large following on a networking site. He can hire a person who has a large following the get the message across. This approach will be much cheaper than employing the services of a conventional media.

In addition, networking sites can help you to grow your business through sharing. A good example is when a person gets across a message of certain product or service and he is not interested in them but knows someone who might be interested in them, he can forward or share the message to that person. This is possible if the person sent the message shares the same platform.

Overall, Community Creation in Networking Sites has resulted to sharing of more information and growing of business at a faster rate and in a cost effective way.

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