Cloud Email Security

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Cloud Email SecurityCloud Email Security solutions provides an organization with the necessary protection against threats associated with incoming and outgoing emails correspondence as well as the attachments contained therein. The solution ensures that all the emails sent or received are scanned properly and if any malicious code, virus, malware or other foreign elements in the emails are eliminated to protect the company from any danger.

While hosting emails on the cloud has many benefits to an organization, hackers and unauthorized users have developed complex ways of intercepting your emails while on transit between your office and the cloud. Our cloud email security will provide you with a good solution and ensure that your emails are safe. In addition you will not experience any downtimes with our service associated with havocs caused by hackers. This will ensure more uptime and eventually translate to higher profits.

We employ state of the art technologies and we combine a variety of advanced techniques’ to ensure the we craft our solutions in the most effective manner, that will capture any of the threats associated with incoming and outgoing emails. The email scanning products scans your emails in a very short time to ensure that your emails are not delayed. Our product offer, filtering emails against spams, Virus scanning, attachment and content filtering, phishing, received and sent emails message filtering.

Our teams of developers are constantly research on the best way to design our solution and test them fully before they are released to the market. This is to ensure that the customer has a smooth experience while using our products.


  • We take care of the email protection headache and let you concentrate on your core business
  • Our products are of high quality and constantly updated therefore providing you with adequate protection
  • Our products are superior and affordable, you will realize value for your money.
  • Excellent customer support

our cloud email security services provides a solutions to most of the concern raised by many online users. We constantly gather variety of useful tips and resources and keep you updated and informed about the latest trends and incorporate them in our solutions. Above all our services are real time, ensuring that your network is always protected 24/7.

We provide a report of your email activity, with details of any filtered emails or blocked content and the reason why it was filtered or blocked.

Why select us?

We offer high quality products in the market that are well researched and continuously improved to ensure we offer the nothing than the best in the market. We regularly update our products in line with the internet trends to provide unique products that stand out from the rest.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service for our business customers like you. Contact us today and we well be glad to assist you in anyway. Our highly trained and experienced support team is available 24/7, 365 days in a year, via email, Skype, live chat as well as telephone by dialing the numbers available on our website. We value the opinion of our customers and we use comments, and opinions expressed in the continuous improvement of our products.

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