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Visual content is the next big thing to hit the web. Considering the impact that visual content has been making on the web, it has become imperative to know about how you can make the most of it.

Now, if you are wondering where you can get help on how to make great visual content, then here is a list of tools which you can find online for free.

Let us take a look at these free tools and see what you can get out of them –

1.  Tools that will get you rolling – When you are looking for innovative ideas and creative concepts then the world wide web can prove to be of great help. There are various applications and tools available on the web that can get you out of the snag. Dribble is one such tool where you can get inspiration from creatively amazing work from some of the best icon artists, graphic designers and web designers. Besides dribble, Creattica is another such tool where only the best work is selected for submission. You can browse through these websites and explore the world of amazing works of people from all across the globe.

2.  Tools for the Perfect Color, Font and Pattern – For an overall wonderful visual appearance, you need to use creative fonts, with a good combination of bright colors and attractive patterns. Adobe Kuler and Pantone Color of the year are two of the best tools of present time that will help you select which are the most ‘in-trend’ colors presently. Subtle Patterns is one amazing option wherein you can browse through thousands of patterns and choose the one that catches your eye. Last but not the least, you can check out Dafont and Font Squirrel, besides Google fonts to get that creative and visually appealing font for your website design.

3.  Tools to get that perfect image – If you are looking for great pictures to use in your web content, then there is no need to go haywire on the search engines. There are plenty of free options available on the internet which you can use to place the perfect images on your web and mobile contents. Websites like Pixabay, MorgueFile, Compfight, Stock.xchng are some of the best ones that are available. 



Just go through any of these and I am sure you are going to get more than handful of images that you can use for your website, blog or mobile content.

4.  Tools to edit the picture – Many a times, you need to edit the picture in order to get that touch of perfection. This is where the need of image editing tools arises. Search on the internet and you are going to find ‘n’ number of such tools. However, there are few which are simply amazing. Tools like GIMP, Pic Monkey and Pixlr are some of the most amazing image editing tools that have ever been created. With a little practice and some effort you can eventually learn how to create the most wonderful pictures as per your requirement using these free online tools.

5.  Tools for amazing Infographics, Charts and Presentations – Infographics have emerged as a powerful tool for creating visually appealing and compelling content. To help you create some of the most wonderful infographics there are tools like Piktochart and, wherein you can select from different styles and create the best infographics.

Chartgo and Lucid Chart are amongst the finest when it comes to creating remarkable charts. And you are looking for the best tool to add presentations to the content, then no other tool can beat Slide Share, one of the most successful and popular tools to embed and share your presentations on Blogs, Websites, Social media or wherever you want to.

Now that you have gone through the entire blog, you must note down the list of websites mentioned above that you can use to create the finest visual content on the web.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and come up with something exciting for the people?

If yes, then wait no more and start exploring these tools one by one. I can assure that with time you are going to be a master at utilizing these free tools and create some amazing pieces of visual content which is going to leave people spell bound!

What are you waiting for? Start working on these tools today!!!

And, if you have used or found any other tool that helped you in making good visual content for the web, then go ahead and share with us and our readers by posting your comments in the space provided below!!!


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