Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and Analytics

It’s impossible to know how well your website is performing without implementing some form of tracking and analytics. An analytics package is a small piece of code that you place on your website that tracks all activity on the site – for example it will tell you how much traffic you are getting and where your visitors came from.

You can find out if they were sent by social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, or whether they were referred to you by the search engines or even from a link on another blog. If your visitors came from the search engines, your analytics package should be able to tell you which country they came from and which keywords were used to perform the search that led to your website.

You can then use this information to tweak your search engine optimisation so that you increase your traffic further. For example you may notice from your analytics that you have gained visitors for a keyword that your content is not optimised for. On checking the search results for this keyword, you find you are listed on page three, which means that the visitors found the first two pages of results unsuitable for their needs and kept searching till they found you. This is an opportunity – if you optimise your content for this keyword, you can rank on the first page, and as a result get more traffic.

You should also be able to use analytics packages to pinpoint which pages on your site are the most popular. This then allows you to target and focus your monetisation efforts on those particular pages rather than waste time on the non-performing parts of your site.

Your tracking and analytics package should also be able to tell you whether your site gets return visitors or new visitors (important as the strategy for monetising return visitors is usually different to that of new visitors), as well as how willing the site’s visitors are to perform certain actions, such as loading the shopping cart or subscribing to your newsletter. The most sophisticated packages have software that allows you to set and analyze conversion goals so that you can assess which page layout results in the most sales.

Analytics reports also perform as an early warning system, when your website is about to get into land in trouble. For example if the statistics show a sudden drop in traffic, you can then investigate the cause – perhaps your hosting has gone down or perhaps the site has been hacked and the search engines have removed it from their listings. In absense of an alert from your statistics however, this error could have persisted for weeks before you even found out there was a problem.

There are several different types of tracking and analytics packages available, the most popular of which is the free Google Analytics. However some web masters prefer to use other packages such as Clicky as they do not wish to provide Google with too much information about their site performance.

To get the most out of your website, we can advise you which package to choose, how to install it and how to analyse the statistics generated to improve traffic and sales.

Keyword and Niche Research

Keyword and Niche Research

Some keywords are easier to rank in comparison to others. Some niches are saturated with well established existing websites, and breaking into these niches involves a lot of time and money – a good example of this is the mortgage niche. However there are other niches that are relatively undiscovered, perhaps a niche hobby that has just begun to gain popularity, or perhaps a particular segment of a niche that has not yet been exploited by the big players because their attention has been focused elsewhere.

Doing detailed keyword research before you start your online project can result in a high Return on Investment if you find one of the untapped niches.

The ideal keyword has a lot of buyers but has low competition, which should make it cheaper and quicker to rank for. If your keyword has a group of related keywords that also have low competition, you may have chanced on a small goldmine.

Most people perform keyword research using Google’s External Keyword Tool, which gives the average monthly searches for keywords that Google users have been typing into the search engine. However, the numbers in this tool tend to be out of date. For example, the monthly traffic quoted for the keyword “Apple iPad” hasn’t really changed in the three years since the iPad was launched – even though in reality there was a massive spike in interest and traffic at the very beginning, which dropped later on. You may be better off looking at the Google Insights for Search tool, which at least shows you how traffic changes over time for any given keyword and reveals seasonal ups and downs.

A new development in keyword research is the use of scraper tools, which scrape all the suggestions that the search engines offer to their visitors. The theory behind these tools is that most search engine users type in just a part of their query and then click on one of the suggestions if it is approximately what they want, to save their time. If you have optimized for the original phrase they were going to type, but not the suggested phrase, you could be losing a lot of traffic.

Once you have picked out the keywords you are thinking of targeting, the next step is to assess the competition. There are several ways of doing this – you can check the number and strength of external links to the page you are competing with. You can check the authority of the website and the page rank Google has assigned to it. You can check the on-page optimization, such as use of title tags and header tags.

There is no set formula that calculates which keyword is worth attempting to rank for - keyword research is as much an art as a science, and the more experienced the person doing the research, the more likely that he will have developed a sense of whether a keyword will pay off or not. Our firm has highly experienced SEO professionals who would be happy to give you advice on keyword and niche research.

How to Run Paid Ads Campaign

How to Run Paid Ads Campaign

Pay Per Click advertising system is the latest viral trend adopted for internet marketing.  Commonly known as PPC, Pay Per Click advertising is a type of online advertising in which an advertiser pays only if a visitor clicks on their advertisement which is placed on major websites and search engines. Thus, the title Pay Per Click stands for paying only for clicks.

This type of advertising is very effective since it drives only visitors that are actually interested in the ad. It’s easy to recognize a PPC advertisement. It has a basic design. It consists of a headline, two short lines of text and an URL located below the text. A website that offers such ad space gets paid by advertisers. In return, advertisers get a large number of visitors. In the first place, advertisers target phrases and keywords that their audience would type in the search box to locate certain services or goods. When a web user types in the keywords in the search engine, the search engine in the background checks if there are any advertisements that correlate to the keywords entered by the user.

The most popular PPC network is Google AdWords. Google AdWords provides ad space on Google search engine. There are some other PPC networks as well, such as Bing or Yahoo. Another popular network which is currently on the rise is Facebook. Facebook isn’t search engine based network but it lets advertisers choose audience by marital status or age. Either way, advertisers are able to show their campaigns only to a targeted audience.

PPC is relatively inexpensive and it’s an effective way to promote a product or service. It enhances search engine rankings, increases traffic, but most importantly – it attracts targeted audience since it attracts visitors who are very interested to see what you have to offer. It’s also effective because it gives the business instant visibility. Any business owner can create an account in a matter of minutes and set up a PPC campaign.

In order to run a successful PPC campaign, advertisers have to reconsider many factors. Research is the most important aspect. It’s very important to find relevant keywords and phrases. Beside research, it’s important to spend the budget wisely and filter out low quality keywords and phrases. But none of these are possible without A/B testing. A/B testing represents running different campaigns at a time and studying the results afterwards. The process of testing costs an advertiser a bit more but the yields are great because the advertiser can track what keywords and phrases attract most quality traffic. It’s also important to track campaigns on a constant basis and be creative in order to persuade people into buying your product or service.

As you can see, it’s not an easy task to set up and run a PPC campaign. If you want to spend your money wisely, hire our team to help you out in running a successful campaign. Our expert and professional team has a huge experience in the field for many successful campaigns in the past. If you are looking for a professional company to run a PPC campaign for you, contact us today for a free quote.

Video Creation & Promotions

Internet has developed and changed rapidly over the past years. Success online is no longer about creating a simply nice looking andVideo Creation & Promotions informative site and expecting explosive results to flow in just like that. Marketing has become the central part of profitable and meaningful online presence. The keyword in online business or presence is traffic.

Web traffic can only be achieved when the website is visible enough to the search engines and the target traffic. In other words just like any dish or apparel today, the look dominates the appeal of a website to a large extent. Video creation and promotion is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that there is meaningful traffic coming to your website. Not only do video promotions generate traffic, key to this is that this marketing strategy generates relevant or target traffic to your website.

It does not pay to get a million visitors on your website who are not interested in the services or products you are promoting, but it pays to get relevant traffic. Expert created promotion videos are the great tools of generating interest without expending the short average concentration span of surfers. People on the internet have an information overload; they are surrounded by advertisements all around web pages, multiple links and “click here” call to actions that keep distracting their focus.

It is certainly not easy to capture the interest of target users online if you do not implement innovative ways of articulating interesting and captivating information about your website quickly. Video promotions come in handy as an effective solution of explaining the core of your services and products and the value your website has for the target visitor.

The impact of the “Show and tell” approach

Video creation involves basically 5 essential steps

  •   Keyword and Market Research
  •   Content Conceptualization (Around identified profitable keywords)
  •   Production
  •   Promotion
  •   Tracking and Evaluation

The first part is very critical. This is where you can win or lose it. Our video creation and promotion experts know how to identify profitable keywords in your niche in line with your target market. This research process enables our experts to know what content to create and how it should be structured to attract relevant people to your website. The production part entails the actual production of the video. The video can be a simple animated narrative video or a complete presentation video. Promotion involves distributing the video across various top video networks and giving maximum exposure to the video.

Tracking and evaluation entail comprehensive reportage on the effectiveness and impact of the entire video creation and promotion strategy. On this part you get full reports on back links generated around the video, traffic statistics and other critical intelligence that you need to take your online business forward.

The benefits of our video creation and promotion services are that our experts know exactly what should be done to put together an effective video that will drive target traffic to your site. With our services you do not need to crack your head. All we need is your website URL and suggestions on keywords if you like, for the rest our experts will analyse your website and establish effective strategies to take your online presence to new heights. If you need a cost-effective and fast video creation and promotion service then we are the best service provider to meet your needs. Rely on us and feel free to contact us for more information and clarity.

Email Marketing Beginner Course

Email Marketing Beginner CourseIt’s sometimes exceedingly difficult for a beginner to get into web business and ultimately find success. Not only is there a ton of competition to contend with online, but you also have to focus on all the many sites and tactics that are constantly changing and evolving. So, if you’re a beginner trying to use email marketing to get ahead, pay attention to this email marketing beginner course and use them before its too late.

Your main site is the hub of your campaign, so this is where you want to make things easy for your potential subscribers. When you have a visitor, leave them a clear path for signing up and opting into your network.

If you want people to opt in with your network, then you need to be a trusted brand. This means working hard to ensure that your reputation is solid overall. If you’re on top of your brand management, you should have little trouble showcasing the legitimacy of your business.

The subject line of your message is what needs to entice people to open it up, so you have to be really powerful here. You can’t make it too wordy, and you certainly can’t be aloof as to the message. Be extremely clear about what’s inside of the message with a short, succinct subject.

A huge part of proper email marketing is coming across as a professional to the people within your network. This means that you need to focus on what you’re writing. Avoid using slang, abbreviations, initial-ism and acronyms, etc. Write in proper English.

Because a lot of your network may have less than great Internet connections or mobile devices limiting bandwidth, don’t add a bunch of images and graphics in your messages. Keep things simple with text and basic HTML if at all possible.

Every single message you send while operating a business needs to contain a clear call to action. You should never take it as a given that your customers know what you want from them. List your call to action clearly inside of your email message.

Personal messages do very well. Instead of having the look and feel of a “to whom it may concern” letter, take the time to personalize your emails in some small way. Of course, you only want to do this if the subject matter is more along personal lines and not like a weekly update.

If you need to put an attachment in your email, then you shouldn’t be sending an email. There’s no quicker way to lose a subscriber than to attach something. If you can’t link them back to the destination, don’t send the mail.

Sometimes your messages only create more questions for your subscribers, or sometimes your subscribers just want to make contact with you. Give them an easy route to do so. You should have clear contact information posted on your website, and your emails should always link back to your site.

It can be hard to start out in email marketing, but once you get the hang of things, you can start to build up a solid network of customers. Let the tips provided above help you reach success. If you need more information regarding email marketing tactics just contact us

Internet Marketing Training Program

Internet Marketing Training Program

Signing up for an internet marketing training program can spare you both time and cash. Attracted by get rich snappy guarantees, a mess of individuals begin their internet marketing business just to get disillusioned by the absence of victory. You can dodge regular pitfalls by joining a professional and efficient internet marketing training program. While nothing can compensate for the hard work and respectable exertion, having the backing and expertise of somebody who has been victorious on the path of internet marketing, will help your business profit a lot.

So how do you discover the right assistance?

Here are some tips to help you decide what to search for and what to dodge:

  • Assuming that it sounds extremely great to be accurate-IT IS! Internet marketing is a business and assuming that your arrangement on being successful be prepared to put in certain hours in improving your abilities and studying the industry, can be profitable, then you are right. Yes, you can profit, yet understanding a client with the right feature or aid is the explanation as to how it will work. It takes information of crux elements for example web plan, e journal composition, catchphrase devices, associate market programs, pay for every click or article marketing fights and substantially lot more things to get a grip on the complete process. To get assured success, all you need to do is stay focused.
  • Got the Right Stuff? Verify the program offers, both the most fundamental exercises and progressed training systems. There will be a studying bend, however a month later or somewhere in the vicinity you will have handled the rudiments and need more informative content on fine tuning your aptitudes and running across other cash making chances. This needs a lot more than an essential internet marketing training program. You need a program that offers an extensive variety of training courses AND in different styles. At the time I first began I didn’t know how to set up a site. The best program that I utilized offered some film exercises that I could accompany along. I acknowledged that I work well with motion picture training courses and was happy to have numerous to browse. The idea is to discover an internet marketing training program that offers a mixture of training techniques so you can discover the particular case that works best for you.
  • Stale content stinks! Is the substance of the program you have chosen redesigned regularly? This is basic. The world of web undergoes modifications on a continuous basis and the universe of internet marketing dependably makes strides. I made an error at a young time in my job of joining a program that did not upgrade their substance. What a waste! Lucky me that I didn’t surrender. I was ready to find a different training site that didn’t serve me stale direction. Determine whatever internet marketing training program you utilize unvaryingly redesigns their qualified data on a regular basis. The one I have a place with sends me every day messages specifying about their enhancements and the new courses they have included, then they clarify how I would benefit from taking the course so that I can settle on a sensible decision.
  • Don’t Pay Too Much. You truly can’t get something in vain, however you can get an entire parcel for a bit. Do they offer pivotal word look devices, help gatherings, site infrastructure, web hosting, web crawler streamlining, and what not. Assuming that they don’t, lookout for other options. There are training programs ready with multiple options.

The arena of internet marketing is full of people and programs offering an assurance for high profits which they fail to live up to. On the other hand, there are likewise exceptional Internet Marketing Training Programs that can help you take your business to incredible heights. Recollect the aforementioned tips while searching for assistance. Look for and you might find it right here! Contact us today.

How To Run An Affiliate Program

How To Run An Affiliate Program

To promote, sell and expand the reach of a product today, the biggest platform that offers high quality output is internet. If you want to highlight the newly enhanced features of your product, you want to launch a new product or you want to do anything with the existing product, the best methodology is to use affiliates to pitch for you. Thus, provided that you need to know how to set up an affiliate program for your items, here’s a short guide to the essentials, to help you kick off.

Anyhow first and foremost, before you can set up an affiliate program for your items, you need to choose whether to make and run it yourself, or to put your features on an affiliate site, where affiliates could be offered the opportunity to push them.

In the event that you run your particular affiliate program, and your fundamental online business, then, evidently, you’ll have maximum control and a lot of responsibility in your hands. As long as you are comfortable with the work load and responsibility, it is just great to have the control in your hand.

You’ll surely discover lots of fulfillment in utilizing the affiliate program to build the victory of your online business.

Notwithstanding, before you even begin searching for affiliates, the first thing you need to do is to investigate your site and determine smooth overall working and assurance that it is free from any lapses or tangles.

Provided that you’re looking to discover your particular top value affiliates who will cheerfully advertise your site, they will want it to look great and they are liable to be turned off by mistakes in its operation, or absence of consideration regarding presentation.

Thus, verify your site is top class, before you begin. This will clearly profit your particular bargains at any rate.

To begin finding affiliates yourself, you need to recognize which sites are suitable to push your product to the right side. This is a significant step, in light of the fact that the opportunity to determine that your item isn’t demeaned by being sold on an inadmissible or unfortunate value site, lies in your hands.

What you’re truly gazing to end towards is a record of great value destinations with a comparable business premise, that may be eager to promote your feature.

At that point, to exploit this exploration, you’ll require a great deals pitch to put to everyone. Along these lines, sit down to make a direct mail advertisement that the site manager will find enthralling and forcing. This is your first and just chance to get a yes from them.

Verify you incorporate all your advertising focuses, requisition items and other affiliate informative content, so they can effortlessly see why they should work for your product. To ensure affiliates are able to trust your product, check for all the possible errors. Then again get another person to read it for you. It’s stunning how frequently you can miss a spelling confusion over and over once more.

In addition to enlisting your affiliates, you’ll need to consider programming affiliate program to track and run your affiliate program. Provided that you look around the web for affiliate program programming, you’ll think of multiple options, such as

You’ll find monthly program charges from about $30/month, which will blanket all the admin indispensable.

There is a major playing point when you set up and run an affiliate program for your items yourself, and that is the supplemental control you get over the advertising of your features.

Running your particular affiliates gives you finish control over who you pick as affiliates, where and when their adverts are shown. So once more, you can determine that the recognized nature of your item is administered.

Right away, if you’re not so worried about looking after control and you simply need the most straightforward affiliate advertising track, then just put your item on an affiliate catalog online site like Paydotcom or Clickbank.

Many individuals search for affiliate offers on the aforementioned and comparative locales, so if you have a saleable item and a great requisition offer, individuals will take it and promote it for you.

An extraordinary point of interest of a large portion of the aforementioned affiliate locales is that they handle all the admin and installments for you. Along these lines, even though they might charge a level monthly charge for their aid, given you’re making progressively in nett bargains; your profit for the most part will keep on expanding.

Furthermore in conclusion, again to verify you stay in benefit, be very careful to note the diverse requisition bases on distinctive locales. The point when you’re beginning and don’t have any deals statistics to take on, it’s dependably most secure to pick a pay for every deal requisition premise.

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