The Upcoming Content Trends of 2014!

Content Strategy

Haven’t you noticed the constantly accelerating pace at which content id gaining importance all over web?

Don’t you think these gained reins of content demand innovation more frequently?

The kingly content meets constant challenges and develops religiously to meet new demands and maintain its stature. Each day approximately 30, 000, 000 pieces of content are produced and create a buzz around for changes. Year 2013 witnessed many changes in content which not only increased its worth but also raised the level of mantra “content is king”.

2014 is also foreseen as a year of major changes and a lot of these are being expected for content. Here I am sharing with you few predictions that are sure to affect the world of content writing this year:


If till 2013 you were focussing on quality, from now on you will have to focus on quality and more quality. The growing familiarity of internet users with content is increasing the expectations from good content, i-e, asking for conversational and high quality content. Quality is the only weapon that you can use to fight against the millions of pieces of content being produced at a steady rate everyday! The first answer to the question-How can you get your content some attention amidst the increasing crowd of content is QUALITY!

Content Curation

The most predicted change in 2014 for content will be its curation. Infact studies have revealed that content curation will be used as major strategy behind enhancing the brand quality and management. So guys, focus on collecting more relevant data, organising the collected stats for a cleaner presentation. The clever readers will easily identify the unorganised loopholes when presented with one. You can create timelines for different types of content and establish brand categories to distinguish between visitors belonging to different categories.

Content marketing and Social Media

Social Media

Content marketing will be finally directly identified with social media. After being associated closely with social media strategies for the entire last year, content will completely be seen as a major strategy with social media. Catchy taglines, compelling one liner updates, category wise publishing on social media accounts and roaring content will be seen asking customers for more evident actions. Focus on creating qualitative and distinct social media content guys. Also this year will witness improved measurement tools to track entire activity on a specific social media post.

Customer oriented content

2014 will not see just content, but tailored content for visitors. Tools to check the validity of content for a specific type of audience are being expected. More thought and creativity will be put into creating content capable of answering the doubts, anticipated questions and unanswered queries of the target visitors. The content focus will shift from just latest updates to implementation of those updates and suggestions for innovation and help.

New Search Engine Trends

How can we forget Search Engines, when we are talking about content? What new light will be thrown on the relationship of content and Search Engine Optimisation?  Traffic through content will still remain the priority but conversations and engagement will also gain some recognition. The improved content search engine optimisation in 2014 will focus on the number of conversation platforms created by a piece of content. Also it will take into consideration that number of downloads made and the quality followers created thereon.

Whatever changes for content this year, its stature as the king is not going to change. We may get carried away by the new boons of technology this year, but there are some things that remain valuable throughout, despite being old. My connection with content is bit emotional which might make me sound like a technological fool at times, but I don’t mind as long as I love it!

# Last tip

Create content that is tailored for clients and answers the most important question-“Why should anyone read it?” Give your content the quality of grabbing attention and engaging till the end. Each time you sit down to write something, create an imperishable craft of words that can please the curious techno buds of your readers!

Just create worthy content, rest it will do for you!

Is Your Website User Friendly? Check Now!

User Friendly Website

How many times do the stats of your website indicate exit of unhappy customers?

Have you ever wondered on the reason behind this customer behaviour?

Because just like us, our customers are busy too, that’s why they feel upset when they do not get a friendly web experience.

Imagine yourself as a user. You go to a website to buy a coffee maker and before you can make a purchase you have to go through almost ten clicks. You will be certainly annoyed to an extent that will urge you to exit.

Now think and answer, does your website also makes the users go through this tedious task when they come to you? If yes, is your answer then let’s run your website through this checklist and make the desired changes:

Do you initiate communications?

Every user experience is incomplete without communications. Whether they want to get into it or not, but you have to give your users a way to communicate with you or your team. Help them report any problems or give a happy feedback.

Do you flood the customer with too many options?

When getting options makes you happy, but getting too many options causes confusion. It’s time to stop if you have been giving too many options to your customers. Clarity is best. Display the more wanted options open and you can always leave hints about what’s more.

Is your online store complicated?

Giving your audience what and where they want is simplification. Simplicity rules the user friendly experience, which means placing the options and designing navigation like users, even if it means doing contrary to what your designing and coding says.

Are your directions straightforward?

Ambiguity in directing your audience to do things leaves a negative impact causing customers to leave in the middle. If you want your audience to click on a link, ask them directly for it. If you have created icons or you are using colours for it, make these symbols clear and easy for interpretation.

Is your e-commerce store useful?

Can you give your store a good rating from the user and web perspective? You online store may have it all, but there is every possibility all the content, videos, images, graphics, navigation on your website is not useful. Usability involves easy navigation, visit to your site, simple purchase procedure, sufficient support, clear terms and conditions.


E-Commerce Website


Visit your store as a customer and make a purchase. Gaze your experience, was the navigation easy, were you able find the options easily, did you have go through many options before making the purchase, was everything right in order, was making payment easy, was the support sufficient?

Answers to the questions above will tell you whether your customers go happy or raged. You can also ask your team or friends to do this shopping tour for you and get the criticism for positive construction.

Bank On LinkedIn For Your Business

Business Development


Are you planning to expand your business by roping in more professional links?

Which platforms are you relying on for this?

Did you know that LinkedIn could help you grow your professional network and at the same time lead to business expansion?

If you were browsing through web looking for answers to set your priorities straight and reach your goals, then you are at the right place. Read on and by the time you end reading, your search will end too:

Find through groups

Because your aim is to find and build new connections, it will b e met the best when you do it through a strategy. You will find the most viable connections through LinkedIn open groups. Open groups always consist of people who want to interact and make connections. You can initiate conversations, send in messages in the group to leave an impressionable mark for further connections.

While sending to unknown people…

Although you will be warned before you try to connect to people outside your connections, yet you can’t avoid it. Because LinkedIn is all about connecting to people to increase your professional network, not sending invitations at all would make no sense. In going ahead with such invites, send a very professional and sensible message in the option that appears in the invitation box. Grabbing a chance for consideration before being ignored is better than no connection at all.

Connect to LIONs

For all those who don’t know, LinkedIn Open networker is what LION indicates. People who have LION attached in their profile imply that they are willing to connect with everyone to increase their network. It doesn’t mean that you belong to some degraded category on the network, rather an increased network helps you show up better in search results. Beware of spammers in LIONs. Gaze the profile and connections of a LION carefully before you think of accepting the invite or reaching out to him.

What others want?

Why do people want to connect to you on LinkedIn? Because they are intrigued by you, your brand and want to know more about you. If you believe in this assumption, then you are absolutely wrong. People want to connect to you because they have certain goals. There are possibly these reasons why connections are created:

1. To connect to a recruiter/ to get a job

2. To grow professional network and get visibility in search results

3. To connect with the business contacts

Earn Money Online


Try to find out the reason behind what others want and prepare your connecting pitch accordingly. Here are few fundamental features that you need to consider before you send your professional invitation:

1. Never talk about just yourself.

2. If you want to initiate, do it with some food for thought which is general and not personal.

3. Project reasons with connections and be authentic in presenting them.

4. Automated messages are a big NO.

5. Offer value with connections without demanding anything.

Because LinkedIn is a professional network, you just can’t get on the track by posting selfies. It requires intelligence and value to build a network that will garner benefits for your business.


The Future of SEO, Your Guide for 2014

As 2013 comes to an end, there are many questions that might be clouding your mind, when it comes to search engine optimization.  Like,

What is going to be the trends in 2014?

Is Google going to surprise us all with further updates?

Is there going to be any transformation?

How to prepare your SEO strategies for the new year?

The list of questions can be never ending!

To help you get rid of these questions coming in your mind, I have come up with this list of changes that the future SEO in 2014 might revolve around, based on the things we learned from the past year 2013.

Let’s begin discussing these trends one by one –

1.  The future is in Mobile – Before i say anything else, take a look at the stats provided in the picture below. The stats speak for themselves:

Mobile Marketing Trends


Times have changed dramatically, and we all know that the future is in mobile marketing. Therefore, you must emphasize on getting a mobile friendly website. Well, if you do not believe me, then take a look at the stats for YouTube for instance. Within the past couple of years, the number of people using YouTube for mobile has increased from a mere 6% to 40%. Do I need to say anything more?

2.  Social Media is going to turn the heads – 2013 is going to be remembered as the year of social media. With the rise of various social media platforms to such a large extent, the future of SEO is going to involve this important part of the internet for sure. Google is surely going to add social media as an integral part of their monitoring campaign, and it is obvious that Google+ is going to be the key platform. In fact, it has already become an important part of SEO. The year 2014 is going to be a year where the power of social media is going to strengthen further. So, be sure to stress on your social media campaigns .

3.  Google is going to continue being the Content Sherriff – even if you are a neophyte is this field, you must know that Google is penalizing websites with poor content for more than a couple of years now. And, it’s going to be the same in the coming times as well. With Google tightening its grasp on website content quality, you need to develop a content strategy that will work for your website. Getting top quality, fresh, unique and user friendly content on the website must be the priority, no matter what business you are running.

4.  Google wants PAID – With the return of Larry Page as CEO, Google focus has entirely shifted towards the display of paid placements. Moves like switching from Google Shopping to PLA’s, encryption of keyword driven search terms, to display of larger advertisings on the Maps layouts, everything suggests that paid is where Google wants to be in the coming times. So to ensure maximum success in the future, you need to focus entirely on paid campaigns basically PPC. For instance, you can use paid traffic on YouTube to siphon some traffic back to your site, paid Facebook campaigns, as well paid campaigns on content sites such as stumble upon.

5.  SEO is going to converge, not die – Contrary to what people have been saying that the SEO is going to die, the fact that you need to know is that it’s going to converge and not die. All the core SEO elements are going to remain the same. SEO is going to take a much more converging role with various other mediums which are going to impact Search Engine Results Page display. A good example of this can be put in the form of combining SEO tactics with social integration. In simpler words, we know that SERP results rely heavily on user reviews besides local listings. Therefore, you need to integrate them both as a part of your website optimization strategy. So, we can see how SEO is converging!

SEO Updates

Final Verdict: As John F. Kennedy has put into words ,”

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future .”

Same goes for SEO as well, which we already know is changing constantly. Although, the changes in the strategies might not sound overwhelmingly a lot to you, but the fact is they are going to play a key role in creating your marketing strategy. And, you must focus on these changes to be amongst the top results in search engines.

Hope the information provided here was helpful to you. For any comments that you want to share you can simply get in touch with us. Until the next, blog keep reading and keep changing!

Creating Online Visual Content Made Easy

Content Writing Strategies


Visual content is the next big thing to hit the web. Considering the impact that visual content has been making on the web, it has become imperative to know about how you can make the most of it.

Now, if you are wondering where you can get help on how to make great visual content, then here is a list of tools which you can find online for free.

Let us take a look at these free tools and see what you can get out of them –

1.  Tools that will get you rolling – When you are looking for innovative ideas and creative concepts then the world wide web can prove to be of great help. There are various applications and tools available on the web that can get you out of the snag. Dribble is one such tool where you can get inspiration from creatively amazing work from some of the best icon artists, graphic designers and web designers. Besides dribble, Creattica is another such tool where only the best work is selected for submission. You can browse through these websites and explore the world of amazing works of people from all across the globe.

2.  Tools for the Perfect Color, Font and Pattern – For an overall wonderful visual appearance, you need to use creative fonts, with a good combination of bright colors and attractive patterns. Adobe Kuler and Pantone Color of the year are two of the best tools of present time that will help you select which are the most ‘in-trend’ colors presently. Subtle Patterns is one amazing option wherein you can browse through thousands of patterns and choose the one that catches your eye. Last but not the least, you can check out Dafont and Font Squirrel, besides Google fonts to get that creative and visually appealing font for your website design.

3.  Tools to get that perfect image – If you are looking for great pictures to use in your web content, then there is no need to go haywire on the search engines. There are plenty of free options available on the internet which you can use to place the perfect images on your web and mobile contents. Websites like Pixabay, MorgueFile, Compfight, Stock.xchng are some of the best ones that are available. 



Just go through any of these and I am sure you are going to get more than handful of images that you can use for your website, blog or mobile content.

4.  Tools to edit the picture – Many a times, you need to edit the picture in order to get that touch of perfection. This is where the need of image editing tools arises. Search on the internet and you are going to find ‘n’ number of such tools. However, there are few which are simply amazing. Tools like GIMP, Pic Monkey and Pixlr are some of the most amazing image editing tools that have ever been created. With a little practice and some effort you can eventually learn how to create the most wonderful pictures as per your requirement using these free online tools.

5.  Tools for amazing Infographics, Charts and Presentations – Infographics have emerged as a powerful tool for creating visually appealing and compelling content. To help you create some of the most wonderful infographics there are tools like Piktochart and, wherein you can select from different styles and create the best infographics.

Chartgo and Lucid Chart are amongst the finest when it comes to creating remarkable charts. And you are looking for the best tool to add presentations to the content, then no other tool can beat Slide Share, one of the most successful and popular tools to embed and share your presentations on Blogs, Websites, Social media or wherever you want to.

Now that you have gone through the entire blog, you must note down the list of websites mentioned above that you can use to create the finest visual content on the web.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and come up with something exciting for the people?

If yes, then wait no more and start exploring these tools one by one. I can assure that with time you are going to be a master at utilizing these free tools and create some amazing pieces of visual content which is going to leave people spell bound!

What are you waiting for? Start working on these tools today!!!

And, if you have used or found any other tool that helped you in making good visual content for the web, then go ahead and share with us and our readers by posting your comments in the space provided below!!!


How you can get Free SEO help for your Small Business?

Free SEO Tips


You might be thinking to capture more clients by setting up a website for small business or you already have set up one. But,

Are you getting the traffic that you expected?

If not? Then, one of the biggest reasons behind this could be the fact that you have not done proper search engine optimization.  Considering the fact that you are running a small business, and you cannot spend too much money, we are going to give you tips about how you can get free SEO help for your business.

Just go through the content provided below and see for yourself –

1.  Content, Content and Content – this probably you would have heard a million times, but still we are mentioning it here because majority of the sites still do not focus and content and end up getting nothing. Therefore, make sure that you have content which is –

  • Fresh, because no one loves to read something over and over again. Ensure that whatever you are presenting on the website gives a sense of freshness to the readers so that they like what they see and do not get bored!
  • Unique, simply because of the fact that Google is very harsh on copied content. Any type of plagiarism is a strict red flag for Google to penalize your website. So make sure that you put unique content on the site
  • Lively, just to make sure customer engagement. A lively content catches the attraction of customers, and take care of the fact that they return time and again to the site. Besides it also spreads words of mouth about the uniqueness of your site

2.  Free SEO Tools – 

Free SEO Tools


There are plenty of free SEO tools available on the web, which you can easily utilize for betterment of your business. These include –

  • Adwords – one of the simplest and perhaps the most important tools which is available free of cost. Not only does it help you find out how often a keyword is used by people, but it also shows its variations as well as its competitiveness
  • Google Insights – an underrated, but fairly useful tool, Google insights gives you access to finding keyword trends based on geographical variations, categories and also during specific time periods.
  • WordPress – you would be amazed to know that all the search engines love blogs. And, if you want to start one, then none can be better than WordPress. A free platform with numerous add-ons and perks that will simply put you amidst the search engine’s eyes!

Besides these there are other tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Wordtracker are amongst the most popular ones.

3.  Be Social – Social media has taken the world like a storm. And, this is the reason why Google has added social media platforms to the list of things it checks for the content it indices. By using

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter

As a part of your SEO strategy you can eventually get awe-inspiring results. And, not to forget all this is not going to cost you a single penny. So, why not make the most of it? What say?

4.  Just ask for it from others – 

SEO Questions


Although, not many would agree with this, but still one of the most effective ways of getting free SEO help for businesses is simply to ask for it. What i mean to say here is that you must join online communities. Joining them is free, and you can post your questions and doubts there and get answers from the experts, as well as people who probably have faced similar situations in the past.  There are numerous interesting platforms like SEOChat, WebmasterWorld, and ThreadWatch, to name a few. Seems too good to be true! Isn’t it?

All the above mentioned tips can prove to be more than handful if you simply do not want to invest in professional services for the SEO of website created for your small business.

In fact, these can prove to be the best guide for making your website search engine friendly, and getting to know about what are the latest trends in the market based on which your website can come in the good books of search engines.

Like what you see here? Give it a try and see for yourself.

If you find out anything interesting related to this topic, or have anything to add to it on the basis of your personal experience then you can share it here and easily connect to us on social networking platforms as well. That’s it for now! Keep visiting for more such information!!!


How can you get more customers without added costs?

Attract more customers

I remember one of my friends telling me how hard it was for him to retain existing customers with his organisation when they were going away with similar products coming up in the market. And also he told me about the amount of efforts he would make to get new customers which would fall heavy on his company’s pocket.

Then I realised how grave this problem was and how many businesses were suffering due to it. If you are one of these lot who are boggling their head on how to get more customers without added costs, then here is your rescue team! I have researched on this problem and here I am sharing with you some facts that are a result of my research:

Re-launch with some twist

During my research I came across few companies who were having a huge base of customers. After studying their selling patterns I got the hang of their trick. These companies would revamp their left over stock with some innovation and then sell it for at a fairly good rate because of the great demand their product would create. For example, if you are selling ladies scarves online, you can refurbish the last stock with some sequins, tassels or any other embellishments and put it in your new arrivals section. Anything innovative is sure to catch attention of customers and bring them to you.

Watch your competitors

Watch your competitors


If you are worried with your customers going away and your competitors gaining more, then it is perhaps the time when you need to set your eyes on the activities of your competitors. Use social media to carefully see what your competitors are doing and find answers for the questions-What kind of products are they selling? What are the promotion strategies being used by them? How are they interacting with their customers on social media platforms and their own website? Answers to questions like these will bring you close enough to identifying the loopholes in your own brand and strategies. Identify them and work on them!

Revamp your advertising

How frequently you change your advertising strategies? If you let a strategy work on for long without any innovation, then you are the only reason for losing your customers. Customers demand innovation, even if you are selling the same kind of stuff. Through your advertising tell your customers as to why they should come to you when there are other merchants selling the same thing. Thing different, sound unique!

Collaborate your offers

Sometimes lack of appropriate size of target audience becomes an obstacle in getting new customers. You keep on investing more to get new customers, but somehow they don’t come because of limited reach you have. To set this malfunction right, you just have to do a bit of more work without any further investments at all. Let’s say you sell music CD’s online and you want more customers. You can easily tie up with a company selling music systems for cars, request them to keep your banners, posters and even some stock for people to buy. Your product will never be threat for their sales and you can easily.

Customer is the king 

Customer is the king


Believe it or not, a lot depends on the way you treat your customers. Customers are an unpaid means of marketing and what they about you can work wonders for you. Try new ways of making your customers feel special and privileged. Wish them on special occasions, keep them updated with your stocks, also send them special gifts or coupons. A happy and satisfied customer can bring 100 more!

As long as you are ready to offer something new and innovative, finding new customers will never be much of a problem for you. All you need to do is stay a little more aware of the ongoing trends in your domain. Stay active on your social networks and keep an eye on the choices and preferences of your target audience. You need to have a specific set of target audience which can easily accept your brand. Tapping the people who are already looking for something you offer will always be an easy job.

Lessons you should learn as an Online Entrepreneur

An Online Entrepreneur


Nobody is born successful!

It’s the conscious effort that you put to achieve something that makes you succeed, no matter what you chose to do. Ever wondered what is the difference between people who make it to the top and the ones who don’t?

Do you want to make to the list of successful entrepreneurs?

If you have this urge to succeed in your business, then we have come up with the list of ideas that you as an online entrepreneur must learn.

Take a look at them, and see how you can use them for your success in entrepreneurship –

1.  Always Stay Positive – This is the first step you need to climb in order to achieve success. Failure is bound to come, but you need to try harder every time. Remember this quote by Thomas Edison on failing more than 700 times before finally succeeding in making the light bulb

I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work.’

Motivating, isn’t it? Therefore, always keep in mind there is nothing like bad experience, every time you do not succeed make sure the next time you come with a better strategy that might work. So, never lose heart and always stay positive about what you do!

2.  Know how to use the resources – People who have made it to the top were never rich always. But, they knew what they had and how to use the resources that were available to them. You might not have ample amount of money like your competitors, or the best platforms for a successful business. But there are always two ways of looking at things, either crib about what you do not have or try and make the most of what you got. In case of successful entrepreneurs they always chose the latter one.

3.  Give it all that you got –

Give it all that you got


Everybody wants to get success, but there are only few who are really willing to put the real effort required. Keep in mind, success comes to those only who are ready to pay the cost at which it comes. Therefore, be ready to give it all that you got. As they say ‘How you do anything, is how you do everything’, so make sure you give it your best shot in the first go and leave no stone unturned to put in your best effort. After all, opportunities don’t come knocking at the door every single day. So, make the most of the opportunity which is right there!

4.  Look at everyone as a prospect – One of the biggest secrets of success lies in this point. You are always surrounded with prospects that you can convert into leads; all you need to have is the vision to identify and the motivation to do it. You need to ensure that everyone around you knows what you do, from your neighbors, to the cashier at the grocery store from where you shop regularly. The best example for this can be seen in the form of a successful salesperson. The most successful ones are always aggressive towards making the pitch to their prospects and at the same time make sure that everyone knows that they sell. So, take some words of wisdom from any of the successful sales person you have ever met, and employ those things into your own business strategy to reap benefits

5.  Persist to Succeed – Persistence is the most important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. 

Persist to Succeed


Never forget the fact that when the going gets tough the tough get going. As Napoleon Hill puts this fact beautifully into words by saying

When success comes, it will come so thick and fast you’ll wonder where it has been hiding all this time’,

You must never lose hope. Stick to what you have been if you really want to make it big. And, eventually time will throw opportunities at you that you ought to catch and succeed! Even if you start to lose hope, keep yourself motivated by saying these words from Del Boy of the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses ‘this time next year I’ll be millionaire’

With a little conscious effort, and a lot of hard work you can also get your name listed amongst the top entrepreneurs. All you need to do is just keep the above mentioned things in your mind and start striving with full zeal towards your goals. Success is bound to come with time, as they say ‘there is no shortcut to successes’.

So, are you geared up for the challenge?

I hope the above mentioned information proves to be helpful in your voyage to succeed as an entrepreneur. In case you have any queries, questions or something you want to discuss you can simply get in touch with us without giving a second though, and we will be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.




Email Marketing Practices to Avoid this Season

Email Marketing Mistakes


Are you not getting the expected response from your email marketing list?

Do you know the reason behind non-successful email marketing campaigns?

Well, there can be a big possibility that you are not following the right practices. Therefore, it is imperative to know what you are doing wrong and what you must avoid in order to achieve the desired results.

In the content mentioned below, we are going to take a look at some of the common mistakes that marketers make when it comes to email marketing. Let us begin –


1.  Over sending mails – do you send zillions of emails to your users? If yes, then this is the first step you are doing wrong. Flooding customers with emails if most annoying thing for the users. And, it is the number one reason why customers unsubscribe business. You already are permitted to send emails and information, don’t blow it by sending them numerous emails. After all you would not want to ruin reputation and be a part of the spam list. Would you?

2.  Emails with Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes – have you ever proof read the email before sending? This is the first thing that you must do, if you have not been doing so. An email with mistakes annoys the customer and leaves an impression that you are not interested in them. So, the next time you are sending an email to matter whom, make sure to go through the entire mail once and check for any errors

3.  Keep it Short and Apt – nobody likes reading emails which are never ending. Bragging about stuff in the mail is the worst thing to do. Therefore, keeping the mail apt and to the point is the best practice to adopt. A good idea is to create a list of mails deciphering them on the basis of individual services/ products. This will not only give the users something new to read every time, but at the same time show the diversity about your work as well.

4.  A Mediocre and Cliché Subject line – We all have received emails with same boring and cliché subject lines like ‘open to win great perks’ or ‘we will make your holiday wishes come true’. Well, the customers have become too smart to fall for all this. Therefore, you need to avoid it. Make sure to create a custom subject line, and that too an innovative one every time you are sending a email to your current and potential clients.

5.  A confusing C2A – failing to provide customers with the information regarding what to after reading the email is eventually going to make the email worthless. Having a clear call to action written in the mail, therefore, becomes immensely important. Do not send emails just for the sake of it if you want to reap great benefits from your email marketing strategy, rather emphasize on particular areas to make the mails most effective

6.  Forget to Test mails – you would not want your mail to appear in spam or show as an erroneous message, would you? Definitely not, but have you tested it before sending it? Why not? A non-tested email may appear strange to the user as he/she might be using a system/platform different from that of yours. Therefore, testing becomes a key element in email marketing which you cannot ignore

7.  Resending the Same Offers – do not bore the customers by sending same offer mail over and over again. This makes your business appear lazy, boring and unattractive, something that’s surely going to take the customers attention away from what you do. And, you would not want that to happen. Would you?

8.  Being Desperate – do you buy email lists and flash them with mails? If yes, then stop doing it. Sending unsolicited mails to people who have nothing to do with your work makes you sound desperate. And, leaves a bad impact on the viewer.

Never Force Customers


The worst is that you may get spammed. Therefore, let the customers come to you, sign up for newsletters, rather than the opposite

You never thought that you have been making these mistakes. Did you?

Well, most of the people reading this blog would be making these small mistakes, without even knowing. Now that you know it, stop doing these practices and see how effective your email marketing campaigns become. By avoiding these small errors, you can eventually sky rocket the customer’s interest in your business and even reap great revenues.

So, what are you waiting for?

Employ these in the next email marketing campaign and see the results instantly!!!

For any queries, additions and comments you can post in the comments sections and be a part of the discussion.

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Content Writing!

If you are a content professional, then you have certainly done something wrong, which is why you are here! Don’t worry, human errors have not found any sure shot solutions and are absolutely normal! Let’s get into some warm up session to know what you have done:

Have you been producing good quality content?

Do you feel that you have not been charging the right amount?

Have your clients complained of no visits on your content?


Content Writing


If your answer for all the questions above is affirmative then you need some mind warming to get you straight on to the track of effective and lucrative content writing. Though not a content writer by destiny, but due to circumstances I have done enough Research and Development to present before you not what you should be doing as a content writer but mistakes that you should not be doing.

Here are 5 mistakes that you as a content writer should avoid by all means:

Just for the sake of content!

Writing is not a mechanical way of linking words to form sentences and linking sentences to form write ups. Rather it is an art. Until and unless you are not in the mood to write you won’t be able to produce a magnificent piece of words capable of attracting readers. Do your own share of research and development and don’t just write content; rather write worthy and magnetic content.

Oopsy the grammar!


Grammatical mistakes in content

Making grammatical mistakes is not just an error but a blunder that as a writer you should never be making. Grammatical errors announce you as a weak writer and readers eventually lose faith in your work. Proof read your write ups before publishing them. If you are not confident about your grammatical skills, then you take someone else’s help in producing a grammatically healthy piece of writing.

Content without grammatical mistakes


Remember: A grammatical mistake will always be the biggest hurdle towards successful content writing.

The amount!

When you are worth something you should know your real value. As a writer you should be aware of the monetary worth of your articles. Don’t indulge in any sort of bargaining if you can sense clients’ inability in judging your write ups. Lower your price only if you see some long term benefits with the client, otherwise stick to your price. After all, content is the king, so it should rule.

The visitor rule!

Writers naturally write for their own selves, but this fits into the domain as long as you are writing only for yourself. When writing for others or for web, you have to write from the view point of driving in visitors or readers. Writing is an innate art but writing for visitors is a specific skill set that you have to acquire. Step into the shoes of your readers, identify their needs and give them solutions accordingly. As a write it becomes your job to answer all the anticipated and unanswered questions of the readers. Your content should contain the least of I/we and the most of you/your.

Formatting and call to action!

These days simple words don’t work as magnets. To create word magnets, you have to incorporate a lot of formatting options and graphic creativity. Also your content should give clear call to action. While writing about some latest technological innovation, you should clearly ask your readers about their take on it. Content is already a blessed domain and by using formatting and graphics appropriately you can make it divine.

Last tip

Guys content is a two edged sword. Your job doesn’t end only after producing a write up. You can ensure visitor engagement and activity on it. You have to actively respond to comments, likes and responses. Sometimes in a response to one line written by your visitor you might have to create another write up altogether.

As a content writer, keep it in mind that the ultimate goal of your content is to eventually add some leads and help in expansion of business. Writing good customer oriented content is a perennial process and you have to get stay hands on consistently.

Avoid these mistakes, stay updated with latest content writing trends and focus on quality for interaction!

Old School Marketing Techniques that should be on your list

How many of you agree with the fact that old is gold?

Do you agree that no matter how advanced we are becoming with the rise in technological changes, there are certain old school methods which never go out of fashion? If yes, then today’s topic of discussion on this blog is going to take you through some of the most tried and tested old school methods of marketing.

Marketing Techniques

These need to be on your list of marketing strategies, if you are looking to make the most of advertising strategies to popularize your business.

So, let’s take a look-

1.  Print media– it is probably one of the most powerful tools to reach out to maximum people, and perhaps the oldest method as well. Businesses have used traditional print media methods like brochures, pamphlets, advertisement in the magazines and newspaper as a source of marketing their business for years now. And, considering the fact that the majority of the population still is interested in reading news from the newspapers and magazines, print media still stay amongst the most powerful and well-utilized source for business advertising

2.  Direct mails- another marketing methodology that has been left behind by time is direct mails to people. However, it is perhaps the best methods to reach to the targeted audience in a local market. In fact, if you are looking for the most cost effective marketing technique then direct mail marketing stands atop of all. The reason behind this fact is simple, we all want to know about the business growing in and around our surroundings. So, for businesses looking to target a particular locality, sending direct mails are perhaps the most efficient method

3.  Telemarketing-  Online marketing might have taken the world like a storm, but the fact that telemarketing still is able to generate leads cannot be negated. Yes, people still show interest in buying products they hear about on phone calls from the companies. However, if you are willing to try this old school method for your business marketing, make sure to take a look at the legal formalities as well as the state and national laws. You do not want to get your business stuck in any legal complications before it even picks up speed. Do you?

Online marketing


4.  Hoardings and Billboards- we all have seen those large hoardings of major brands standing tall in the town. Haven’t we? This is probably the best method to have ever originated in contemporary marketing. For businesses like a restaurant that wants to target travelers, it is perhaps the easiest way. Although, many of you would believe that it is going to be a costly idea, but I would like to state here that the results you are going to get out of it will make it a highly cost effective deal. Also the fact that you can target even thousands of people with it, without having to worry about the distribution to particular regions

5.  Transportation Ads – another major technique utilized by business owners all over the globe is ads that are placed on local transportation like buses, metro trains and similar others. Innumerable people travel through these local transportation on a daily basis, making them a great way to reach out to people.

Transportation Ads


People on the go cannot ignore ads like they can do with the television or internet advertisements. Therefore, if you are looking for old school methods to promote your business, and make it reach to the maximum number of people, then transport ads should definitely be on the list!

All that explains the contemporary methods of marketing.

However, to get the best results from your marketing endeavors, you need to have a blend of both old school as well as present day marketing strategies. Considering the fact that presenting your business in front of the audience has become an integral part of every business, you need to give business marketing its due importance.

After all, without proper advertising and marketing strategies, you are surely going to be left behind in the competition. And, no one would like that to happen to their business.

For more such interesting updates, keep on coming back to our blog. We will be sharing all the interesting topics based on the latest buzz in the market, as well as keeping in mind the learning needs of newbies planning to step into this field.

And, if you have anything to say to us then you can post in the comments sections below!


Website Creation – The simpler you make the better it is!

Free Website for Business


With technology rolling in on full speed, no matter what area of activity you are in, having a website is inevitable. Whether you are running an offline business or an online store, a website is a must have for sharing all kind of information with maximum people possible.

Don’t you first of all look for a website before buying products or services from any merchant? It’s not just you, but every least literate person does that these days. This implies that existence of a website has become necessity these days.

There is no rocket science behind creation of a website. Rather the complete process of making a website has become a lot easier with the help of numerous online platforms. You don’t have to be a proficient developer or designer to create a website and you don’t even need any kind of extraordinary tools for it.

I have simplified it even more for all of you wanting to be a part of this online world. Here is your simple guide to easy website creation:

Choose a domain name and hosting

Domain name is a reflection of your website’s identity! Most of the times, people read the domain name, form an idea of what the website is going to be about and decide to check it or leave. Draft a catchy domain name around your area of activity with as much innovation possible. You have to pay a yearly fee for a domain name and you can get it from many platforms like, etc.  You need hosting to get your website some space on internet where people can come and access it. Many online platforms offer web hosting services, but choose the one that is most economical and gives you maximum benefits.

Design your website

Next step is designing your website. You can hire professionals for too but there are many online platforms where you can create your website on your own. Here is an insight into how you can do it.

First choose a theme for your website in sync with the concept of your website. Think of how you want stuff to appear on web so that people can.

Decide the flow of your website. Like every other website, your visitors will come on the landing page first. You have to decide where you want to take them from there. Plan it before, how you want people to interact with your website. This will help you design navigation buttons easily at the time of designing your website.

Create your website

After you are done planning with your website, creating it will become your next task. You can do it yourself on WordPress, Dreamweaver etc. These platforms are easiest way to create a website where you can just drag and drop to create a website. If you have been thinking that you don’t need HTML at all, then you are at fault. Although you don’t have to be very sound with HTML but there is a bit if it that you need to know to create a design that is not irritating for the eyes.

Inspect elements 

Create your Website


After you have created your website, you have to do some testing. Use platforms which provide you the option of offline testing. Check for all the broken links, missing tags flaws in the design and search engine optimisation. These factors are very important for overall functioning of your website.

Website testing

Testing the functionality of your website is very important for effective user experience. Check the appropriate functioning of all the forms on your website. Use all the update options and check for any errors. Also ensure that all the back links take to appropriate places. While testing your website ensure easy navigation everywhere. Take down all the links where navigation was a tedious task and change them accordingly.

Post your website

Once your website is tested and tried, you can post it. The web host you had opted for will give you space to go live and start interaction. Once you have posted, keep a check on the activity on your website and ensure life in your online existence. Keep posting regular updates and respond in time to queries on your website.

So these are some simple ways to create website for business. Keep your design as simple as possible. Simplicity is the key and research has also revealed that websites that have easy navigation and simple designs are high on traffic. The design should be smooth and pleasing to eyes.

Create a design that works as feast for eyes!

A faster website can increase your conversions? Is it so?

Grow your business online


Want to grow your business online?

How can you achieve a rise in conversion rate of your website?

Can a faster website get you more conversions?

These are a few of the questions that we are going to discuss in this blog and see how the answers are going to help you improve your conversion rates.

Let us begin by taking one question at time – 

How is loading time related to conversions?

Although, majority of people think that there is no correlation of conversion rate and website loading time, but let me present to you an array of facts that would put a halt to this misconception and help you understand how can you earn online in the most efficient manner –

1.  In a research conducted by Velocity recently this year, it was concluded that a striking increase was seen with reduction of every second in the page load time

2.  In another survey research conducted by Amazon back in 2006, it was found that there is a 1% loss in sales with every 100 millisecond delay in page loading

3.  In yet another such instance, it was observed that a reduction in page load time by 3 seconds lead to 14% rise in online donations during the Obama for America campaign (report from Kyle Rush in the year 2011)

Besides these here are some user statistics that further strengthen the relation between conversions and website loading time –

1.  A one second page delay costs $2.5 million loss in annual sales to an ecommerce site that earns $ 100,000 daily

2.  There is an astonishing 7% reduction in conversions with a delay of even one second

3.  A website that takes more than 3 seconds to load is abandoned by as much as 40% of the internet users

4.  Maximum loading time of 2 seconds expected by 40% of the users globally

That’s not all. In fact, search engine optimization guidelines provided by Google also include website loading time as an imperative factor for website ranking.

Not many would be aware that in the year 2010, Google itself had announced that website load time is going to be a factor they are going to consider while ranking the websites, which indirectly is going to impact how much traffic you get on your website. Therefore, you must ensure that your website loading time falls under the designate guidelines by Google.

All this brings us to a conclusion that if you want to enhance the conversion rate and increase your sales online, then getting a website with quick loading time is a must. Now, the next question that rises here is – 


Speed up website


How to ensure that the website has quick loading time?

Well there are literally hundreds of ways for this. However, as stated by the Head Performance Engineer at Google, Steve Souders, which eventually became the Performance Golden Rule for all the websites,

“80-90% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. Start there.”

Thus, improving your database and web server infrastructure is the key for a quicker website. Besides this, below mentioned are some of website optimization tips that will help you get a faster loading website –

1.  Optimize Page Size – By enabling HTTP compression, you can eventually reduce the size of your text resources up to 50%, and thereby improve the page speed

2.  Cut Down the Image Size – Keeping in mind that images can contribute to almost 80% of the page size, you need to ensure that cut down their size and get the website to load faster.

3.  Reduce Browser Requests – Reducing the number of requests your page has to make means there are fewer analytic beacons, fewer images and fewer java script files.

4.  Sign up for CDN – If you get traffic from users located far away from the location where your website is hosted then it can take a lot of time to load and download images. Signing up for CDN or Content Delivery Network can end all this.

*Want to know about how does this CDN works?

Well, basically it copies the image or the java script or CSS file to numerous edge nodes all around the world, and when user from a distant location opens up the page, it loads the same image from a closest available location, thereby, ensuring lesser page loading time. Simply magical, isn’t it?

These are some of the easiest steps that can work as a getting a faster website for higher conversion rates.

If you want to grow your web based business, well, then there are a many options, but a great way to do so is by creating a website with quick loading time.


Sure Shot Lead Conversion Tips !

online leads


What is the reason that your online leads are not getting converted into sales???

How can you ensure higher conversion rates???

What can you do to make sure that maximum leads get converted into sales???

If these are some of the questions that have been haunting you over quite some time, then i hope once you finish this article you are going to have answers to all of the questions mentioned above.

Not wasting too much of time, let us begin our voyage to this journey that will give you some sure shot tips so that you get better sales –

1.  Get to know your leads better – do you think you know your customer? Think again! The biggest reason why businesses fail to get higher conversion rates is that they fail to understand their target audience’s behavior. Employ CDM (Central Demographic Model) and CPM (Central Psychographic Model) as a part of your lead conversion program and see how it works wonders.


online leads conversion


If you are thinking what is this CDM and CPM, then the answer is that under CDM you collect demographic data i.e. data about physical attributes like location, income, lifestyle, occupation, and buying habits, to name a few.  While, under CPM you collect data about customer’s buying behavior, preference of choices and similar other factors that impact his buying tendencies.

2.  Not every click is going to buy – Do you also believe in the misconception that every person who clicks through your sent marketing emails or fills out the form is going to give you some business? Trust me, not every click is going to buy.


Send marketing emails


However, you understanding your customers can convert a non prospect into a prospect. You can achieve this by simply treat each lead individually. Categorize them on the basis of their behavior. For instance develop separate content marketing strategies for people who are ready to spend time in reading about your product, while for those who are the impatient types develop some graphic presentation, video or even a webinar.

3.  Offer lucrative perks to the visitors – who does not like getting free perks?


Gifts with Email marketing


Although, this might sound a bit cliché to you, but down the line if you have a look at the success rate of this idea then you would realize that it is one of the most tried and tested methods of lead conversion. You can take example of numerous successful blogs which offer free e-books to every visitor on exchange of their contact information (email and contact number) to increase their contact list. So, why not use this tried and tested method to capture leads, and forward them for follow up from the sales team?

4.  Follow up is the most important part


Regular follow up


So, you have collected the leads and formed a list. What next? Is collecting the list simply going to get business? Definitely not. Following up those leads in the most efficient manner is the next step. Where most marketers go wrong is that they do not give following up its due importance. If you do not want to be a part of that list of marketers mentioned above, then you need to make sure that you have a follow up strategy for every visitor. Categorize your customer base on the type of their behavior and history. And, follow them up on the basis of that data. A great example of this can be taken from websites like Amazon, where you get recommendations on the basis of your past purchases.

5.  Understanding the secret behind successful lead conversion – last, but definitely not the least tip for you is that understanding successful lead conversion is no rocket science. All you need to keep on the back of mind is know what works for your business. Because, what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa.


lead generation tips


Therefore, analyze history of customer behaviour and try to understand what lead to successful conversions in the past. By incorporating that information gathered from there into your marketing model, you can definitely create a ‘Win!! Win!!’ marketing strategy.

With these simple lead generation tips, you can taste success in lead conversions in little time!

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for landing on our website; we will be shortly coming up with a new blog on the same topic. So, keep visiting our blog to refresh your armory about the tips and tricks that are going to help you stay a step ahead of the competition.



How your Social Media Profile can help you recruit affiliates?

Social Media


What thoughts does the question above invoke in your mind-Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google+

Is there a question mark with each of the social medial sites that come up in your mind?

But most of the tech savvy readers must have logged on to these social networks by now to seize the opportunity that I am hinting at!

Let me share a story with you-Long long ago, there were these advertisements in newspapers, on radio and television regarding job openings. People would wait for days to see these advertisements to get employment. But then one day something called social media came to the world to rescue people from this waiting. Since then things changed and jobs were available at a snap. This is the story behind evolution of a new form of job hunting and requirements these days-SOCIAL MEDIA


Some stats stating activity on social media:


stating activities


10 minutes out of every one hour is spent by people on social media sites. (least time)

Maximum socialisation is done on social networks

Technology is merged with fun and gets major response from here

Every day an average of 100 profiles is added on social networking sites

Research not only states this but also pin points the evidences of corporate and personal relationships nurtured through social media! So when there is so much happening on social front why not make the most out of it? Here’s a sneak peek into ways of creating professional image and recruiting affiliates through social media sites:

Through Twitter:




Micro blogging acquaints most effectively with Twitter. Following people and companies you want to develop relationship with is a great way to get in touch with them. For a professional image post tweets about the kind of work you do, your achievements, latest technological trends. Make it a part of your PR campaign and spread as many tweets you can. Relevant and informative tweets are key to the increasing followers in Twitter. You can post a link for vacancy in your company or you can also post a job directly in Tweets.

Through Facebook




A great and quality network on Facebook qualifies you as a socially active person. But there is a difference between being socially active and professionally active. When so many people are available to be connected via Facebook, why not use it for professional purposes? Establish a purely professional yet friendly page on Facebook. Developing connections and posting jobs on Facebook are two professional activities that have seen huge favours on Facebook.  You can post jobs on your Facebook page to spread it within the entire community with just a click.

Through LinkedIn




LinkedIn has emerged as the best professional social networking page ever suitable for all kinds of service sectors and businesses. You have to a bit careful in creating a LinkedIn profile. Use relevant keywords in your profile and experience description to make it easier for people from the same niche to connect with you. People get maximum responses for job postings from LinkedIn because of it being a purely professional network. Choose appropriate keywords in posting jobs as maximum responses are generated from keyword based searches.

Common procedure to hunt affiliates through social networks


link netword


When there are some things that can be commonly done for all the social networking sites, then why not benefit from them? Here’s a list of to do’s for recruiting affiliates from social networks:

1.   Finalize the number of affiliates you want to recruit.

2.  Streamline the major skills you are looking for in your affiliates.

3.  Outline the affiliate niches you are aiming at.

4.  Look for potential affiliates who can benefit your online ventures.

5.  Prepare a list of their existence on various social media platforms.

6.  Woo these potential affiliates on social networks in whichever way possible.

7.  Become a member of important affiliate associations where you can commonly interact  with these affiliates.

8.  Remember not to come across as a stalker.

9.  Once you have followed them, send them a message to take your social connection to the next level.

10. Finally send them the recruitment proposals. Make the proposals sound like the best opportunity ever!

11. If you hit it in the first go, enjoy this achievement; else try finding the reason for failure and work towards improvement.

The advantage of recruiting affiliates through social media sites is that you can get to know them in and out through their profiles. You can see their pictures, posts, comments, likes and get an idea of their image through these sites. Also the amount of time spent for the kind of work on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can give you a fair idea of competency of affiliates you have shortlisted.

Warning: Don’t take it on face value. Don’t just go by what people have mentioned or tell you on social networks. There is a lot more that you have to gaze before finally recruiting any affiliate. Insist on face to face meeting before and some skill tests before you decide to hit on recruitment.

Think beyond the edges, be social, be active and stay ALERT! You need a deeper vision to become a social media recruiter.



5 Best Ways to Track Hottest Trends

trendsWith internet getting synonymous with life, the need to stay upgraded with the latest trends on web has become mandatory. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and look for the trending things; rather you can just sit on your couch and lookout for the latest happenings on web. If you are worried about finding the latest trends on web from the massive options available, then you have come exactly at the right place. Scroll down to get a grip on all the accurate real time information on everything from latest images, videos, news, lifestyle, health issues, and everything else you need to know:

1. Popular Search Trends – The best option on internet to know about the latest searches made by people all around the world, is to rely on Google. Go to, it will show you the top 10 searched topics, means what is popular at the moment. The results you get here are sure to be true owing to the global reach of Google. You can use these top results on the Google search bar and know everything about them.

2. Track Popular Images: – To track the most popular images refer to Digg Images. Out of the multiple options offered in the Digg latest trends, its image gallery is the most unique feature because of the embedded research tools that offer constantly upgraded and latest images only.

3. Track Popular News: – is the best source to track what is hot in news. It aggregates latest news from Google news and other sources and makes it prominent by elaborating on it. The catchy and appealing look of the website makes it very easy to find the news in a glance. You can search news about the particular region & topic by selecting the location. The news which is just an hour or even ten minutes old can also be easily accessed here.

4. Track Popular Videos: – To track the hottest videos of the time you can check . It keeps you a step ahead from others by showing latest videos and also the videos that are yet to go viral. Collecting all the hot videos from different video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion, it considers reviews, comments and social media buzz to give you the best videos from all around the web.

5. How to track popular feed subscriptions: – Website subscriptions can be estimated as your target audience or users. These are people who sign up for your updates and rapidly surf your website. is the way to compare the subscribers for a particular website with other and you can get to know what is more popular.

Besides helping you stay ahead with the latest trends, trend tracking on web can also be used as a boost to increase the traffic on your website.



Best 5 Alternates Of PayPal


PayPal has been dominating financial transactions on web for quite some time. Be it online shopping or transferring money for other uses, PayPal is the first name that strikes users mind. What if anyone doesn’t have a PayPal account, but he wants to shop online and do many other things?  The world of web has many other options to solve this problem. We have listed some options that you can use as an alternate to PayPal. These options might not be as popular as Pay Pal but they have trusted and reliable gateways that millions of users are accessing for various web services:

1. Google Checkout:  Google checkout is designed for online shopping with single login name. This is not a payment gateway; it just allows you to buy products that come with Google search or online stores without entering your credit card details repeatedly. With revised fee structure, merchants can qualify for rates as low as 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S., and 1.4% + £0.20 per transaction in the U.K. Google checkout are available only in US and UK. This is as secure as other payment gateways.

2. Amazon Payments: Amazon payment gateway allows you to accept & pay online. Amazon offers payment services for affiliates and sellers, as well as services on other networks or websites. For those who sell their product on Amazon it is very simple to use as it is integrated with your seller account. This account even works for your affiliate commission when you sell some product as an affiliate. For those businesses, which are not associated with Amazon but want to use this secure payment gateway, they can use this service with Amazon pay or other means. It is a fast and reliable payment gateway. The pricing structure for Amazon is:

  • Transactions greater than ten dollars, Amazon charges 2.9% + 30 cents.
  • Transactions less than ten dollars, there is a charge of 5% + 5 cents fee
  • There are volume discounts on monthly transaction amounts.
  • No monthly charges other than per transaction charges.

3. Moneybookers: Moneybookers allow business to accept credit and debit card payments through Moneybookers payment gateway and also provide facility to transfer money from one account to other money booker account. Best thing about Moneybookers’ payment is their fees. They do not deduct any monthly charges or account setup fees. You just need to create an account and transfer money to anyone or to any website. Their fee structure is:

  • Up to $3,000 per month: 2.9% of each transaction, plus 29 cents.
  • $3,000.01 to $10,000 per month: 2.4% plus $0.29.
  • $10,000.01 to $100,000 per month: 2.1% plus $0.29.
  • More than $100,000 per month: 1.9% + $0.29.

Money booker’s payment gateway is secure and reliable and also provides facility to transfer money internationally. 

4. E-Junkie: You can add E-Junkie shopping cart to your website without any complex script. It’s simple HTML code will work very smoothly on your site in every browser. The shopping cart also calculates sales tax, VAT and shipping cost. All the features can be managed from one central location (from the E-Junkie site) keeping everything organized.

Main drawback of E-junkie is that they provide space for tangible goods only and not for any Digital product. Minimum monthly cost is $5 for minimum 10 products storage.

 5. 2CheckOut: 2Checkout is a secure and reliable online payment gateway that offers the merchant account or credit card processing alternative. You can start your 2Checkout account with one time processing fee of $49.97 and after that there are no monthly or yearly charges. Transaction charges are fixed that are 5.5% + 0.45$ per transaction.

The drawback of 2checkout is that they charge a setup cost that users are not willing to pay in advance.

Top 5 Myths About Making Money From Adsense

mythLets start up with the question that do you know anything about making money from Adsense? I mean anything that is well tested and proven, not just seen elsewhere. I have heard and read hundreds of myths about Adsense money making. A good number of people, especially beginners, feature them, take them as acknowledged and ruin their online business in their own ways- by either not starting it or by walking the wrong way and sticking to it no matter how long it doesn’t work.

For certain, you should read on and find out five common myths disclosed about making money online with popular Google AdSense:

  • The very first can be that one is saying “I have joined Google AdSense and have been making money online with it. And so it is not essential to inform myself with the current status of service and information.” It is erroneous. So, if you work with popular Google AdSense, it is very crucial for you to keep update yourself with the current terms of service and message on a regular basis.
  • Next to the above myth can go like this that “I have an impressive blog, and so I will be making handsome money with Google AdSense. Again this false sentence. Actually you can have a very good ans well maintained blog with the accurate content but nothing will work accordingly if you do not have a good traffic directed towards your blog.
  • Another myth includes that as long as I have done thorough research on keywords and came up with powerful keywords, making money through Google Adsense will become quite easy. At least not with popular Google AdSense. Also it could be the scenario that all powerful keywords are not really that efficient when it comes about making money online with them.
  • Now the next myth is: there are some certain ways to go about and deal with Google AdSense. Thus, if you are thinking that no one will get to know anything and I will definitely succeed, then you mingling going wrong buddy. Naturally, there are many online books are available which claim to provide each blend of Adsense. But what matters to and with Google AdSense are not just mingling your ads.
  •  And final myth is: I have got many friends all over the globe. And I will boost all of them to at least click it for once. Thus, this will definitely enable me to make good money online. Wrong again! You cannot think of fooling Google.

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