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bloggingBlogging is a term and activity that has been around for a long time, but only exploded in 1999 with the advent of blogging platforms like Blogger, LiveJournal, and WordPress. With WordPress, it became so easy to create a blog, and many other people began joining the blogging league. Blogging is simply the process of regularly posting posts or articles to an online blog, and these posts tend to be more personal, rather than generic.

Importance Of Blogging In Internet Business

Running a blog gives you the opportunity to be creative and create a foundation for your social activities. It would be near impossible to effectively utilize social media marketing as a promotion method without first having a blog. Blogging is also essential for building trust with a targeted audience, especially for new businesses. It is the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and exhibit your expertise by creating content that is of great value and informative.

Another importance of blogging is the role it plays in generating search engine traffic, and with the tremendous advantages of free search engine traffic, it is unarguable that blogging will lead to faster brand growth if done properly. Lastly, blogging has grown to become not just an educational medium, but a business medium as well. There is the potential for getting more customers through blogging alone.

The Blogging Process

The process of blogging can be summarized into three steps:

  • Creating a blog: Nowadays, there are many intuitive blogging platforms that let you create a fully functional blog in no time. All you need is a domain name and web hosting, both of which will not be necessary if you already have a business website as you can easily attach your blog to your existing domain name (and that is a more effective method).
  • Publishing interesting and informative posts regularly: This is pivotal to the success of the blog, and to keep visitors coming, while attracting new ones.
  • Blog promotion: To ensure that a blog gets exposure and popularity, it has to be promoted. The most common method of promotion for blogs is social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest) and Search Engine Optimization.

Benefits Of Blogging

  • Getting more clients and sales: A business may sometimes thrive based on the utility of it’s blog as a marketing medium. There are many companies and businesses known to have increased their sales and profits solely through blogging.
  • Informing the masses: There is no better way to give potential customers an in-depth explanation of your products or services than blogging. Businesses can relate to their potential customers in a more personal way through blogging which they will definitely appreciate.
  • Development through feedback: Most blogs have a comment form at the bottom of their posts that aid readers in sharing their opinions about the business in general or their products. The opinions they share can be leveraged to provide better products and services in the future and improve existing ones.
  • Influence by expertise: With expertise comes popularity, which translates to influence over time. This also helps you build a network of avid readers and connect with influential people who can endorse and promote your products willfully, therefore giving your blog and business more exposure.
  • Keep abreast of changes: The responsibility that comes with owning a blog will prompt you to look for the latest changes and developments in your niche, and this will give you an edge over your competitors.

Why Choose Us?

We provide professional blogging services that produce great results. For many businesses, managing a blog, learning SEO, dealing with an unfamiliar blogging platform, finding the right keywords, and effectively promoting their posts through social media are all daunting tasks. Instead of allowing this deter you from running a blog and therefore missing out on the valuable benefits of blogging, we can handle it all and perform all the hard work while you work on improving other vital parts of your business.

To get started with blogging, or if you have any question, send us a message via our contact page.

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