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banner designingA banner is something that represents you when somebody comes to your site or when somebody notices your product. A banner design can be recognized as a print advertisement which people see in newspapers, magazines or yellow pages.

Banners are generally in the form of images, which can be anywhere on the site like in header, sidebar, in the middle of post or on in footer. They can also have some sound, or they can be short video clips.

A banner should not only be attractive and user friendly but also exciting enough to temp people to click on it. It is really important to have banners designed by people who are expert it rather than just putting in some images together yourself.

Things to keep in mind before designing a Banner

There are few different things that should be kept in mind when designing a banner as why do I need it? What should be in it? And how much space I have it? Once you know all these details one can create banners that is not only user friendly but gets people to click on it. A banner can not only be informative but also redirected, in that case it redirects to a webpage which is relevant to image.

How to put banner on somebody else’s site?

If you want to create your product on website of others then you can contact them personally. Every site has provided some spaces on their site and price it accordingly. Select your spot and contact the concerned person regarding your requirement and your quotation and if the deal gets settled, you can provide them your banner and URL to which you want it to redirect.

But if you want put banners on your site then choose banners and images wisely. Put main features and in most cases only title in header and in sidebars, you can discuss about some features. And for banners in the end or footer, you can insert some download banners so that people can buy it or purchase the services/product.

5 best sites where you can create banners for your site or for advertisement purposes:

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