Bank On LinkedIn For Your Business

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Business Development


Are you planning to expand your business by roping in more professional links?

Which platforms are you relying on for this?

Did you know that LinkedIn could help you grow your professional network and at the same time lead to business expansion?

If you were browsing through web looking for answers to set your priorities straight and reach your goals, then you are at the right place. Read on and by the time you end reading, your search will end too:

Find through groups

Because your aim is to find and build new connections, it will b e met the best when you do it through a strategy. You will find the most viable connections through LinkedIn open groups. Open groups always consist of people who want to interact and make connections. You can initiate conversations, send in messages in the group to leave an impressionable mark for further connections.

While sending to unknown people…

Although you will be warned before you try to connect to people outside your connections, yet you can’t avoid it. Because LinkedIn is all about connecting to people to increase your professional network, not sending invitations at all would make no sense. In going ahead with such invites, send a very professional and sensible message in the option that appears in the invitation box. Grabbing a chance for consideration before being ignored is better than no connection at all.

Connect to LIONs

For all those who don’t know, LinkedIn Open networker is what LION indicates. People who have LION attached in their profile imply that they are willing to connect with everyone to increase their network. It doesn’t mean that you belong to some degraded category on the network, rather an increased network helps you show up better in search results. Beware of spammers in LIONs. Gaze the profile and connections of a LION carefully before you think of accepting the invite or reaching out to him.

What others want?

Why do people want to connect to you on LinkedIn? Because they are intrigued by you, your brand and want to know more about you. If you believe in this assumption, then you are absolutely wrong. People want to connect to you because they have certain goals. There are possibly these reasons why connections are created:

1. To connect to a recruiter/ to get a job

2. To grow professional network and get visibility in search results

3. To connect with the business contacts

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Try to find out the reason behind what others want and prepare your connecting pitch accordingly. Here are few fundamental features that you need to consider before you send your professional invitation:

1. Never talk about just yourself.

2. If you want to initiate, do it with some food for thought which is general and not personal.

3. Project reasons with connections and be authentic in presenting them.

4. Automated messages are a big NO.

5. Offer value with connections without demanding anything.

Because LinkedIn is a professional network, you just can’t get on the track by posting selfies. It requires intelligence and value to build a network that will garner benefits for your business.


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