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ANTI HACKING SOLUTIONSAn Anti hacking app is security application software designed to protect your laptop, PCs Android Smartphone like iPhone 4, and other private data from being intruded upon and stolen by snoopy hackers watching out for vulnerable firewalls. There are many advanced hacking apps, advanced tools developed by penetration testers, and anti apps used as penetration tool for the masses. One of such is the new Android Network Toolkit. In fact, on September 11, 2012, the news hit the tech world that a group of hackers known as the AntiSec leaked more than 12 million Apple UDIDs, including one belonging to US President Obama. Shocking! Nevertheless, you don’t need to sell off your iPhone 4. You can take care of the hackers with a good anti hacking app.

The Importance Of The Anti Hacking App In Internet Business

As incidences of internet and iPhone frauds get on the increase, the need to get basic knowledge about the act of hacking and the necessary anti hacking apps becomes necessary. Many hackers are on the loose, looking for vulnerable systems. Unless you are able to stop the smart, sneaky guys with an anti hacking app, the security of your private data including all your online financial transactions is never guaranteed.

What hackers simply is to locate unsecure networks, identify the systems on the networks, and then launch an attack on those vulnerable systems that are running on out of date software. This is one of the greatest threats to your internet business activities. With an anti hacking app, your phone and your private life is secured since these anti hacking apps help you to prevent, catch or fight back the hackers with the use of automated buttons.

Types Of Anti Hacking Apps And The Processes Of Use

The anti hacking process is very simple; have a constant backup for all your files on your devices. There are about 5 anti hacking apps you can install on your system. Ensure that each anti hacking app is activated to protect your firewall from illegal intrusion. They include the following:

  • Firewall IP used for blocking certain types of contents and connections
  • Splash ID used for storing and securing your passwords lists
  • Lookout Mobile Security meant for tracking the thief when iPhone is stolen, and warning against connecting to unsecure networks.
  • McAfee WaveSecure iOS Edition that serves as file backup app.
  • Gadget Trak designed to track the person who stole your device or the hacker attempting to break into your private data.

The Benefits of an Anti Hacking App

Aside its importance in running your internet business, an anti hacking app has many benefits that come with it. Some of the benefits include:

  • An anti hacking app like Gadget Trak can help you secure your data by making it hard for the hacker to crack the system, and can also help you locate and snap the hacker or the person who stole your device.
  • Internet business requires you to operate with lots of passwords. Splash ID can help you keep track of them and secure them from hackers.
  • Under virus attack, your device is vulnerable to attack. Anti hacking app like McAfee WaveSecure iOS Edition helps you to back up your file in cases of virus.
  • The Anti hacking app, Lookout Mobile Security, prevents your device from connecting to unsecure connections, checks for updates. It can also track and wipe your data from the hacker’s computer.

An anti hacking app is one of the best tools you must have while running your internet business. Unless a connection and device is protected by the necessary anti hacking app, then, the chances you will lose your data is very high. We offer businesses and individuals an efficient system to protect their data. Our anti hacking app store give you wide range of anti hacking apps to choose from. Hence, instead of selling your iPhone 4 due to threats of hacking contact us at ….

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