Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing is the process of marketing a products to earn commission benefits on the basis of referral sales you make. It is a client based marketing in which a person/referrer is rewarded on the basis of number of visitors or sales brought. This whole process is based on four basic pillars: Origin (The Product or brand), Network (Place/site where the products and services are promoted), Affiliate (Person/business who is promoting the product/services) and user. There are hundreds and thousands of people who are into this business, promoting products of different people and earning more than others.

Affiliate marketing is spreading into different dimensions of marketing business including online business and internet marketing. Affiliate marketing is not only limited to websites and reviews, it involves, organic/inorganic SEO, free promotions, paid advertisements like PPC and CPC, display advertising, print advertisements and email marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

There are different benefits which are associated with Affiliate Marketing program based on program and methods you choose for marketing.

  • You have the liberty to choose products of your choice as you can choose products offering big commission or highest CPA or CPL. You can go for anything you like.
  • You can give different options to others while you yourself are getting good commission. You can start a PPC program of yourself for same program and continue the ladder.
  • You can design your own version of campaigns like banners and images. If you want your affiliates to program only a specific kind of feature/image for a product then you can do the same.
  • Reviews provided by other promoters help you to create a reputation for your product and you already have tentative customers even before coming to your website.
  • You have a list of people who are willing to promote your products and create a reputation for your product and the only thing you have to do is benefit them with good commission.
  • You can set your own bounty for your product and people who are interested will automatically come you. You do not have to approach them and ask them to do it for you.
  • You have full transparency as how and when the sale is coming and you can track it down to increase your business opportunities.

How to get started in Affiliate Marketing?

There are different methods being used by different affiliate marketers to promote products. One of the best way to do so is:

  • Find different affiliate programs available on internet regarding category of your interest.
  • Join an affiliate program which is sometimes a simple login or selection by moderators.
  • Pick a product to promote which you find will be easiest to promote and get some good sales.
  • Create a site/blog to promote that product by providing relevant and useful reviews and information about the product. Do not forget to add your affiliate links in between your articles and on important texts and images.
  • Promote your site/blog using different available promotional strategies. It can be free like blog commenting, forum profiles, video marketing or it can be paid ones like PPC advertisement.
Some of the Sites where one can easily find good affiliate products are:

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