5 Mistakes to Avoid for Content Writing!

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If you are a content professional, then you have certainly done something wrong, which is why you are here! Don’t worry, human errors have not found any sure shot solutions and are absolutely normal! Let’s get into some warm up session to know what you have done:

Have you been producing good quality content?

Do you feel that you have not been charging the right amount?

Have your clients complained of no visits on your content?


Content Writing


If your answer for all the questions above is affirmative then you need some mind warming to get you straight on to the track of effective and lucrative content writing. Though not a content writer by destiny, but due to circumstances I have done enough Research and Development to present before you not what you should be doing as a content writer but mistakes that you should not be doing.

Here are 5 mistakes that you as a content writer should avoid by all means:

Just for the sake of content!

Writing is not a mechanical way of linking words to form sentences and linking sentences to form write ups. Rather it is an art. Until and unless you are not in the mood to write you won’t be able to produce a magnificent piece of words capable of attracting readers. Do your own share of research and development and don’t just write content; rather write worthy and magnetic content.

Oopsy the grammar!


Grammatical mistakes in content

Making grammatical mistakes is not just an error but a blunder that as a writer you should never be making. Grammatical errors announce you as a weak writer and readers eventually lose faith in your work. Proof read your write ups before publishing them. If you are not confident about your grammatical skills, then you take someone else’s help in producing a grammatically healthy piece of writing.

Content without grammatical mistakes


Remember: A grammatical mistake will always be the biggest hurdle towards successful content writing.

The amount!

When you are worth something you should know your real value. As a writer you should be aware of the monetary worth of your articles. Don’t indulge in any sort of bargaining if you can sense clients’ inability in judging your write ups. Lower your price only if you see some long term benefits with the client, otherwise stick to your price. After all, content is the king, so it should rule.

The visitor rule!

Writers naturally write for their own selves, but this fits into the domain as long as you are writing only for yourself. When writing for others or for web, you have to write from the view point of driving in visitors or readers. Writing is an innate art but writing for visitors is a specific skill set that you have to acquire. Step into the shoes of your readers, identify their needs and give them solutions accordingly. As a write it becomes your job to answer all the anticipated and unanswered questions of the readers. Your content should contain the least of I/we and the most of you/your.

Formatting and call to action!

These days simple words don’t work as magnets. To create word magnets, you have to incorporate a lot of formatting options and graphic creativity. Also your content should give clear call to action. While writing about some latest technological innovation, you should clearly ask your readers about their take on it. Content is already a blessed domain and by using formatting and graphics appropriately you can make it divine.

Last tip

Guys content is a two edged sword. Your job doesn’t end only after producing a write up. You can ensure visitor engagement and activity on it. You have to actively respond to comments, likes and responses. Sometimes in a response to one line written by your visitor you might have to create another write up altogether.

As a content writer, keep it in mind that the ultimate goal of your content is to eventually add some leads and help in expansion of business. Writing good customer oriented content is a perennial process and you have to get stay hands on consistently.

Avoid these mistakes, stay updated with latest content writing trends and focus on quality for interaction!

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