5 Best Ways to Track Hottest Trends

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trendsWith internet getting synonymous with life, the need to stay upgraded with the latest trends on web has become mandatory. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and look for the trending things; rather you can just sit on your couch and lookout for the latest happenings on web. If you are worried about finding the latest trends on web from the massive options available, then you have come exactly at the right place. Scroll down to get a grip on all the accurate real time information on everything from latest images, videos, news, lifestyle, health issues, and everything else you need to know:

1. Popular Search Trends – The best option on internet to know about the latest searches made by people all around the world, is to rely on Google. Go to google.com/trends, it will show you the top 10 searched topics, means what is popular at the moment. The results you get here are sure to be true owing to the global reach of Google. You can use these top results on the Google search bar and know everything about them.

2. Track Popular Images: – To track the most popular images refer to Digg Images. Out of the multiple options offered in the Digg latest trends, its image gallery is the most unique feature because of the embedded research tools that offer constantly upgraded and latest images only.

3. Track Popular News: – http://newsmap.jp/ is the best source to track what is hot in news. It aggregates latest news from Google news and other sources and makes it prominent by elaborating on it. The catchy and appealing look of the website makes it very easy to find the news in a glance. You can search news about the particular region & topic by selecting the location. The news which is just an hour or even ten minutes old can also be easily accessed here.

4. Track Popular Videos: – To track the hottest videos of the time you can check http://mag.ma . It keeps you a step ahead from others by showing latest videos and also the videos that are yet to go viral. Collecting all the hot videos from different video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion, it considers reviews, comments and social media buzz to give you the best videos from all around the web.

5. How to track popular feed subscriptions: – Website subscriptions can be estimated as your target audience or users. These are people who sign up for your updates and rapidly surf your website. http://www.Feedcompare.com is the way to compare the subscribers for a particular website with other and you can get to know what is more popular.

Besides helping you stay ahead with the latest trends, trend tracking on web can also be used as a boost to increase the traffic on your website.



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